Pctc 08' Leap

Pctc, (Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention) a great 3 day conference located in the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg, PA. High school and middle school teens to get together from all over the east coast to get to learn about God. Its also a great period of time to get to build great relationships. Its an event that does a lot of good for people so I was excited about what was going to happen this year. I got the privilege to serve there as a middle school coach, it was a great opportunity for me. I spent with the weekend with middle school kids, which is alright to me. Its an opportunity for me to beat up on kids who are half my size.
The first night was nothing special for me I guess. Just a bunch of hyped up kids going insane. Some worship, a great speaker, and some fun relax time in a "coffee shop" environment.
The second day definitely improved. During the guys session, a couple spoke about purity. The sermon started off rough with an interpretive dance. Soon after she was done I got over that. Soon the couple began to speak about the importance of sexual purity, importantly what its affects are on teenage girls. It was eye-opening. I've heard at least 20 sermons on sexual purity but NEVER from a womens point of view. It was something that all the guys needed to hear. Immediately after the message all of the guys from our youth group went and had group time. Group time is a great opportunity for the guys in our group be able to grow with each other. We all discussing sexual purity and its importance. It was a real growth time.
After all the activities and meals and workshops we had free time. Me and a few of my buddies were relaxing in our hotel room when we all decided we were going to a prayer room with by far one of the most influential people I know, I figured it could be good for me. By this time it was already past 11pm. I've been to Pctc 4 times before and I have never gone into the 24x7 prayer room. It is a room in the hotel that is strictly for prayer. For the weekend someone is constantly praying in the room. I walked in not sure of what I'd see. It was dark, well decorated, assisted with quite relaxing music. There are sticky notes everywhere written from various kids. You pick one up and read the prayer that someone wrote on it. You pray for them and move on. You could sit anywhere, stand, lay down do whatever you wanted. I decided to sit at a small table and write down my prayers. This is the first time I've ever tried this. Page after page after page I couldn't stop writing. This time is something I've been needing terribly for months. I finally just let it all out and on the paper. That was my Pctc highlight. I sat in for middle school sermons and didn't hear much that stuck out to me, but being in that room was better for me than any sermon I could of possibly heard.
The next day, which came quick since there isnt much time between bed time and wake up time(4 hours at this point) I was ready to come home for reasons I wish not to share but thats okay.
This weekend did more for me than I expected and it was incredibly. One more left for this guy

Mexico Update:
Some of you know, some of you may not know. I've been accepted to go to Juarez, Mexico May 11th for a missions trip. Its an incredible opportunity for me and im really looking forward to it.
I've handed in all my passport information on it and I am waiting for that. Other than that, im broke. Keep me and this trip and the blessed family in Mexico in your prayers. Thank You.