Have you ever made a facial reaction soo ridiculous it was actually creepy?

"Meet Evan, hes good at Halo!!!"

What if people constantly told you that your #1 ability is playing Halo....How would that make you feel?
At youth group when I am introduced to a new person the first thing the person says is, "This is Evan, his hands are big and hes good at Halo" Im tired of being introduced as the kid who is good at a bum video game.
For some lame reason also, im always told that my number one skill is playing Halo. I don't think people understand what kind of lame ass remark that is when they tell me and other people my number one talent is a video game. Its just a video game I used to enjoy playing. Now people have twisted it and turned it into being the only thing im good at. Someone telling me that Halo is my number one skill is like bragging about being 1
7 and being able to whip my own butt. Its so meaningless and demoralizing. Obviously im pissed, but I dont want to be known as "the guy who is good at Halo." How lame is that? Ridiculous...


Its bad enough the poor kids adopted, but hes also a Ginger! Poor Fella.

Thank You - A Tribute To Matt

Matt and Noonan showed up at my door yesterday, two of my favorite people were at my house, and it was quite a shocker. These two busy guys never just randomly show up to hang out so I knew something wasn't right. As we sat down at my table, Matt began to explain to me how things are changing and Gods plans are different than what we expected and want. He explained to me how there is another church that needs his help. He was moving. It wasn't what me or anyone had seen coming and it hurt.
A bit over four years ago, in middle school Matt had a great relationship with my brother. One day I walked outside and I saw this guy who I've never seen before. He asked me a few questions and asked me If I would be interested in going to IMPACT (middle school youth group) I was hesitant and a few seconds later he replied with, "We've got Halo!" I was the master at that game and so i decided I needed to beat people other than my Dad and Adam(bro). I accepted and I was willing to check it out, and that Sunday I went to Impact. And so it all started. I'm not sure if it was luck or if Matt has the ability to seek dedicated servers because a few weeks after my first week Matt asked me if I would be interested in helping set-up and tear down each week. Again, I was hesitant but since a pretty girl(whose name we don't speak of) was there I thought sure, why not? Every Sunday that year I got to spend an hour before and after Impact with the legendary Matt Silver helping setup and clean up. Once Matt knew that I seemed interested in helping he than began to ask me tough questions about God. I listened to all that he said and I asked him question after question about this crazy thing called Christianity, and he always had a logical answer that made sense in my 8th grade brain.
Nearly twenty minutes after I almost witnessed my first Pastor fight in line at Hershey park is when I told Matt that I was ready to give my life up to God. Thanks Matt. Soon after that we went to the Believe conference is when I discovered who Matt Silver was. This crazy, wise, insightful guy who I wanted to be like. That trip was also the first time I ever experienced a crack in a shower, It was crazy!
Each Sunday Matt picked me up and took me home, teaching me slowly what serving was and how incredibly important it was. Week after week he made sure I was there. He called me often to just chill or do work somewhere and just hangout.
PCTC after PCTC and CIY after CIY, Matt was always there and always trying to be my friend and mentor. I cant even remember how many 100 mile plus trips I've spent with him.
For anyone who knows him knows what 10+, ten hour car rides will do to you If your with him, you wont be the same you'll learn something.
Words don't even express how much that guy had done for me. I've lost a lot of friends to moving before but none of them had the affect on me like Matt has. He's the reason why the concept of serving in engraved in my heart. Hes pushed me and challenged me more than I can imagine. I often called him my second Dad, he took care of my like my own father. If I was hurt he'd call me up, or just hang with me, If he wanted my help he'd ask me, and most importantly he challenged me spiritually time after time never giving up. He always loved his students more than anyone I knew. Even his wife loved me! She always knew I could work hard in school, neither of them gave up on me.
Whats even more incredible is that dozens of people can give a testimony similar to mine. So many other people can say that Matt has been the biggest influence of their life. I know I can say It. I can comfortably say that if Matt was not in my life that I wouldn't be even close to the person I am today. I am not even sure If I would be Christian.
Some of my favorite memories of my almost 17 years of living all involve Matt. Whether it was a trip to Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, or even to home depot I always had the best time ever. Like I previously said before he isn't leaving because he did something wrong or something like that. People need him and his ability to lead. I'm almost certain that in a few years some teenager in Maryland will be writing something like this explaining how Matt has incredibly affected their life. Im excited to see what he does in Maryland and who he effects.
Thank you for being the best, for pushing me, for never giving up, for seeing the best in me, for helping me always, showing me Gods love, teaching me how to serve, showing me new places, giving me new ideas, and most importantly teaching me about dingleberries. Pa wont ever seem the same.