Hey, your not Cool you Respect your Body!

Heres how the conversation broke down...
Health Class
Absolutely ZERO exaggeration

Think what you want...heres how i went

Anonymous: Wait, Evan? So you dont drink at all? Or smoke? Or weed? That Sh*ts fun!!

Evan: Nope, sorry thats not how I roll

Anonymous: Loser! Thats your problem, your going to be healthy and live to be 100. All your friends and family will be dead, but not you cause your a good little boy! haha your life wont be very fun, you'll die alone!

Evan: Are you seriously kidding me? Your telling me that you choose a shorter life over living healthy?

Anonymous: Hell yeah! Screw life...have fun! The first day im in a wheel chair or an old person home I will find a way to fall off a bridge.

Evan:wait, you were just making fun of me for not wanting to abuse myself, and for choosing life?

Anonymous #2: wait Evan, you've really never drank?

Evan: No

Anonymous #3: I need to get you drunk!!! You will be awesome!

Evan: good luck with that

Anonymous #2: oh yeah, we'll spike your drink! you need to have fun!

Evan: thanks for the respect, I appreciate it!(walks away)

Thats high school....

Walking With the Wise

Its only been 3 years now since I surrendered my life to God. Three amazing years thats given me all sorts of trials and temptations. For the past three years of my life I've always been around wise people, people who've experienced Christianity for their whole life, or for a better half of it. People between the ages of 20 and 50. I'm always interacting with people who are simply more spiritually mature than me its my nature to be with people who are just older. Being around these people is constantly creating new expectations for myself. It can be a great thing, but in retrospect it can be a bad thing. I'm comparing myself to people are genuinely more smarter than me. I'm striving to be like the people I'm around but I can not forget to keep my eye on the one who is 100% true and pure. Its easy to get upset with myself for not being as "spiritually mature" as those I walk with.
My 3 years of Christianity vs. friends with 10+ years. Do I continue to strive or do I go with the flow? I'm curious to know if those people who I call wise today were in the condition I am at their third year of Christianity. I compare myself constantly but in the future will it pay off? Its an interesting concept to see how this will affect my future and what things will be like.