You ever look at the sky on clear starry night? Doesn't the sky look huge? Doesn't space look huge. Imagine the last time you sat on the beach. You looked out to the ocean and all your eyes could see was massive blue ocean. Its breath taking to see how immense it is. When was the last time to you were on an airplane? Looking down and just seeing what seems to be endless land. It looks huge right? Its difficult to comprehend but the sky, space, the ocean, even planet Earth are all tiny compared to just how big God is. Its difficult to believe now. Next time your in front of the ocean or looking up at the sky, the things God made, thats when you'll get just a tiny glimpse of seeing just how big our God is.


I was laying in bed the other night thinking about my past 4 years in High School. Thinking about how its getting closer and closer until graduation. As I was lying there, I started to think, "What Impact have I had in the past 4 years not in High School, but mainly in my church community, where I am highly involved. It got me thinking about leaving. Which I feel 100% ready for.

I was hanging out the other day thinking about my day. I was thinking about what little things I would've done differently that would've completely changed my whole day. Little things like calling someone else, or getting on the computer at just the right time to get invited somewhere else. I realized that throughout my day some of the smallest things could change my day.

Could I be like that? Could I be that little difference in someones life that makes a difference? I watched, "Its a Wonderful Life" which I highly suggest. Its a movie about how a guy goes back in time as if he never existed and he see's how everything is different without his influence, its a bit extreme but its a great example of how you can make such a huge difference.

If one little action can change the way my whole day can go, then ONE relationship must really matter. That movie not only got me thinking about what influence I've had on others, but who's had an immense influence on me...

Two people come to mind without hesitation...

And there are definitely others...
Who are you influencing? Who influences you? I sometimes wish that my life could be like the movie, where I can go back and see what life is like without me.

I Still Love Those Drunk Aunts Though...

Family is one of the most important things in my life. Hands-down. I love my family a lot! This Saturday was our annual Flora family party. The party is usually about 60-70 people who i don't know, yet am related to. Each year its the same thing:

  1. Aunts quizzing me if i know who they are, I never do and I never will remember.
  2. Nasty old lady kisses.
  3. Watching drunk aunts and uncles dance.

Despite all of that I love my family! That is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. The family community is incredible. I love spending time with my family! We are a big fun Italian family! I have a hard time grasping my head around the fact that a lot of people have messed up broken families. Whats the divorce rate in the US today? like 53%? We've got 0 in our family. Its great to know that I have a loving family that I can ALWAYS count on. I just get upset to think of all the families that don't get together this time of year weather its because of distance or because of some dysfunction issue, but its upsetting. Kids have to pick either moms house or dads house for Christmas, that's messed up. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without my family.

What Evan Loves the Most!

Can you guess what it is?

DRAMA! Nope, not drama like school play drama. Drama like the fun kind every high school student dreams about. I don't understand it, and like a lot of things in this world... I never will. I cant wrap my head around it! Some people crave drama, some live off of it, and some despise it(meeee!!) I cant fathom why anyone would ever want to be involved with drama?

I cant tolerate that stuff!

Drama is never a healthy thing when it enters your youth group. I see this stuff all the time and its like a virus. This stuff is definitely not needed. People can be consumed by drama and sad to see.

I understand it to consume high school. That's one of the most notorious things about high school. Everyone knows that! What scares me is when it penetrates a youth group, especially a youth group of 150 kids. I expect it. There is no way you can have 150 teenagers and there be no drama but when its drastically noticeable, an issue arises.

Warning! Hunting in Valley Forge Super Illegal!

I hope your view of me doesn't change after this one! So I was with two of my best buds! I love Renae and Damo. What I also really love is when we are together we can do some of the stupidest thing ever, and have an amazing time!

We heard this commercial for a liquidation sale on all kind of name brand stuff at the Valley Forge Convention Center, so we were gonna go check it out. It had a 10 dollar entrance fee!!!! Lame! We refused and so we left and instead decided we can find something better to do. So we traveled to Valley Forge State Park! We got out of the cars and I ran around outside of the cabins screaming for George Washington. No one told me that people actually work in the cabins as tour guides?? I was really embarrassed when i decided to jump into a cabin acting retarded. A man with a musket in his hand and and apple in his mouth looked at me like I was the most ridiculous person ever.
Note to self: don't ask to touch his rifle...they don't like that!

Any who, I thought it would be cool to chase deer. If you've ever been to valley forge then you know that they will let you get really close! I thought it would be hysterical and completely B.A. If I tackled one! Damo had his camera with him as he was in the car and would film my shannanigans. Now come on, that might sound a little crazy, but how awesome would that of been? haha

Now that your judging me like you never have before, just know that its a lot of fun! Even when random people watch like your insane! Anyway I got close at one point but this one mom stared me down, and another one was big and had antlers, Im smart enough to stay away from those.

Its incredible what fun you can have with your best friends, a camera, and some deer in Valley Forge! Here are some more great pics for you to check out!

Jesus's way or an M16?

Obviously I seem to be passionate about the military. But anyway here we go... Here are a few things I do not understand...

  • Girls (who can?)
  • How water is clear
  • Girls
  • How a chicken can walk with its head off for a few minutes
  • Females
  • Why my moms cooking is so ridiculously good

But here are a few things I do understand:

  • The bible is from God (2 Timothy 3:16) open your bible, and look it up!
  • Jesus would not shoot anyone!
  • I want do be in the Infantry Division of the Army
Here is the issue: As Christians aren't we called to love everyone?

One of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, "What commandment is the foremost of all?"

29Jesus answered, "The foremost is, HEAR, O ISRAEL! THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD;


31"The second is this, 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' There is no other commandment greater than these." Mark 12: 28-31

A large part of joining the military is about helping people. Its not helping like people would in the peace corps, but it is still definitely helping people. People in Iraq or Afghanistan need help. Here is where the issue is: If I join the infantry division that position ya know...Kills people. Its not a soldiers reaction to just shoot someone, they have to be shot at first typically. At this point they are now just trying to defend themselves. So what is the "good christian thing to do." I've gotten some interesting answers

I've had a few people tell me that killing is killing and there is no way to get around it, its clearly a sin? Its pretty hard to argue against that one. Jesus got hung on the cross and didn't attempt to fight back at all but here is a different way to look at it.

What if someone was to break in your house, and you absolutely knew they wanted to kill you and your family (and you conveniently had an automatic assault rifle) wouldn't you return fire? How is that any different from being in Iraq or Afghanistan? Wouldn't you protect yourself? Wouldn't you protect your family, or the ones you really care about? I understand God called people to love your enemies, but I don't believe its right to just accept death from anyone who wants to kill us for any reason. I DO BELIEVE IN DYING FOR YOUR FAITH, Jesus did it. This is different.

Here is the problem: How do you LOVE a terrorist? Christians are called to LOVE your enemies. I don't think shooting them is loving them. Imagine if we didn't do anything about the terrorists and tried to love them? Then what? I think things like 9/11 would be common on US land. There are people who will do what it takes to bring down the world with terror. So are we suppose to just not fire at all to love them? Or defend ourselves and the world?

This is one of those moments where I wish I could have a sit-down with Jesus.

One Love,

More Branches Than a Tree??

Its official

I Am Annoyed.

For the past few weeks I've been approached by many many many people who would talk to me about many of the military branches. I've had numerous people talk to me about how the Navy is my best choice. People tell me that I need to go all out and be a Marine. I've heard a lot about the Air Force as well. I've been told the Coast Guard is what I need to do!!

I appreciate you all for caring, but what I am trying to say is I made my decision and the Army is going to be the branch for me. I truly do appreciate you caring for me, and the feedback you had but its getting old and repetitive now. I am almost 18 years old I am capable of making my own decision. I've done my homework! I have a 6in stack of papers from each branch in my room! I've personally sat down with a recruiter from each branch. I've done my pros and cons and I've thought about it and what will be best for me. The Army is my path for a few reasons. They have what I want! Infantry(crazy i know thanks)!!

The Marines certainly have infantry but they cant r A, guarantee it, and B they do not offer as much money for education. I do not want to be a marine. I was told I would sit on a boat for many months if I join the Navy. I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON A BOAT! I would much rather be in Afghanistan.

The Air Force does not have infantry. The closest thing they have is MP- Military Police. No offense, but I don't want to be a cop. I dont want to be that guy that has to pull you over for speeding, Its just not me. The Air Force can not guarantee your job! The recruiter said I could end up being a cook. NOPE! Finally, I want to do 2 years service and the AF or Navy don't allow that. Marines is just out of the question. Sorry All!

Now its a wait until April 24Th(18 bday)

One Love,