12 Days of Reflection - Day 1: Countdown Begins

Its July first and all I can think about is leaving in 12 days. Its incredible how you see life so differently when you are ready to leave everything you've known.

This past week I got the incredible opportunity to travel to Holland, Michigan for my 5th year of CIY. This was a great time to really reflect about my life, my future, and Gods plan for both. This was a great week for me to share how I felt about everything to God and to my friends. The week was amazing because it was one last huge hurrah with CCV.

I wake up and the first thing I think is... "I have ___ many days to wake up in my bed, in my house, being comfortable.

I go to bed thinking, there goes one more day, Did I spend it the way I wanted?

Don't get me wrong, I am not depressed about what I am doing. I am not annoyed with my decision or regretting it. I have never done anything this huge in my life. (thats what she said)
Im excited! I am stoked! I am ready! I feel ready! I feel prepared! Its the right thing and I believe so.

I want the spend the next 12 doing things that make me the happiest, with the people I love, with people who I wont let go of when I leave. I will blog for the next 12 days...all leading up to my goodbye.

God, Thank You for allowing me to serve with the best team,