Who Said Senior Year Was Easy?

Hello friends, thanks for checking out my blog. I really appreciate it. As you guys know I am a senior and this year is less about academics, to me it seems more about finding my place. Finding out where God wants me post-HS is not easy, so expect frequently to see posts about whats going on in my life with that. On that note...

My counselor came into my homeroom the other morning and spent the whole period discussing things that I need to get done between now and June in order for us to go to college. My thoughts:

Oh my gosh... Talk about overwhelming. Yuck. My feelings for college are still the same. As each day progresses though the Army idea seems even better. I am at the point where I'm ready to sit down and speak with a recruiter. My good buddy SSGT Chris Rohrer, who actually got deployed last week told me I need to watch out for those sneaky recruiters. Any suggestions about how to deal with them? They are basically buff sales men trying to get me to join, and that's all they really want.
Despite all of that, I'm struggling with hearing God. Its always been tough for me to hear what God wants me to do. For the next 3 semesters I'm going to be praying about this decision intensely, and an issue for me is not speaking to God, its listening. Not helpful when I'm going to make a 360 degree life change.

One Love

PS: vote smart, they could be my next boss.

Seriously guys?

As I sat in the very back of math class the other day doing absolutely nothing I couldn't help but notice the girl in front of me crying. I'd like to think i'm a pretty compassionate guy so I asked her what was wrong. As she began to explain to me what was going on, disregarding the teacher completely I began to get angry. She explained to me that she just found out that her boyfriend of 10 months had cheated on her recently and she just found out. She was heartbroken. It really upsets me to think that a Guy would even consider doing that to a girl.

Two seats over from me the same day I saw that a girl was also very upset, sh
e turned around to talk to me and began to explain to me that her boyfriend was sexually herassing her and pushing her to do things she really didnt want to do. It emotionally tore her apart. I couldnt even imagine... I left that class genuinley upset because two guys, two mistakes, two really hurt girls. I couldnt imagine ever treating my girlfriend anything less than a princess( yeah yeah yeah im cool). I cant possibly comprehend how a guy could EVER do that to a girl, TO A GIRL! It really upsets me to think that guys would treat girls this way. This was two girls and two broken hearts. I cant even think about how many more have been hurt in some way by a guy, I probobly dont even want to know.

Were called to treat each and every girl like sisters of Christ. I have compassion for hurting people, and when its something as ridiculous as cheating, or sexually harassing it irritates me. I hear all the time in school how, how(pardon my french) all guys are a**holes, or perverted pigs. Im not denying it. I think that its awfully true, but I dont want to be generalized as just another random guy. I wouldnt ever consider treating a girl like that. I pray that things begin to change. I dont want a bad name because I have a Y chromosome. Somethings gotta change, and fast.

Help Out Your Neighbor

Perkiomen Township Supervisors Unethically Taking Away Elderly Residents Property

Perkiomen Township supervisors are bringing to a vote whether or not they will force two of our beloved neighbors to sell their homes against their will under “eminent domain.”

Lifelong Perkiomen residents Jim and Sue Umstead (14 Wartman, Collegeville) are being forced to sell their family’s farmhouse on 9.8 acres. Another 1.1 acre property near it sold for $130,000! Conservative estimates place their home and property value over $700,000! They are being unethically FORCED to accept a tiny fraction of that! Residents are up in arms and trying to call the community to action.

To make matters worse in this David vs. Goliath story, Mr. Umstead is fighting brain cancer. After the last township meeting he was so distraught he had a seizure and had to postpone his chemo treatment the following day.

When asked what they want to see happen in this situation, Mr. Umstead replied, “The Township has been badgering us for years to sell this property, and now it looks like they finally found their loophole. All I want to do is keep this property natural open space for my children and grandchildren to enjoy, along with our horses. I just wish there was some way this could all go away.”

Next to their property resides a disabled elderly couple, Jake and Janet Rawn (95 Koons), who can’t afford an attorney to fight this and are being forced to sell their house and 6.5 acres for $72,000! Residents are perplexed, trying to figure out how this could be happening!

Brian Jones, pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley (moviechurch.com), the church where the Umsteads are parishioners, thinks this is a winnable fight. “I think what the Umsteads and Rawns have going for them is that basic human decency is on their side. It’s absolutely unconscionable what’s happening to them. In 20 years of being a pastor I’ve never seen anything like it. However, I know the people in this area well enough to know that when word gets out about this Township’s behavior it will stop dead in its tracks.”

In an open meeting on Tuesday, September 9th, Township supervisors said that they are pursuing this action because “the tenor of the community is that the residents want a new park.” Vocal residents pointed out that with the beautiful Plank Rd. Park just down the street that a park isn’t needed in this particular area.

Friends and neighbors of the Umsteads and Rawns are asking concerned citizens to contact the Perkiomen Township Supervisors at 610-489-4034 to let them know they are opposed to this action.

Besides phone calls, concerned citizens can send an email to HelpOutYourNeighbor@comcas
t.net and ask to receive an email notification about when this matter will be taken up for a vote with the Township Supervisors.

For more information please check out www.HelpOutYourNeighbor.com

Click Here for the online petition

**Information taken from facebook.com Here


I saw this commercial a few minutes ago and I lauged at it for a long long time. The part that makes it really funny is that the character in it really reminds me of my friend, Jordan Riggs. Enjoy.

T Minus 8 Months...

its already been two weeks of school and I've already been feeling more pressure than ever on what I am suppose to do after High School. Graduating and getting the heck out of their seems to be the main topic on every one's mind this year and it seems like everyone knows where to go and what to do except your truly....me. I've already been asked by a handful of faculty about what I want to do and where I plan to go post High School. Its really putting a beating on my brain. I have my options but to everything there is the pros and cons.

Now I understand that I have a year to figure out what I want to do, but I have a feeling that time is going to fly...or so I hear.

The question on my mind is: What Am I Passionate About? To answer that I can say that I have no idea. If I knew what I was passionate about, then I would know what I want to do. Its simple!

8 months, and a lot can happen I understand that completely so something can come up that can easily change my feelings towards college or whatever. But until then its time to put things to thought.

Popular advice I've gotten was, "stay kinda local and go to a major secular school. Figure out what you want to do from there." Cool good idea, I'm not paying $15,000+ for a 13Th grade. Here's a really popular one, "Go to Montco!!" No Montco is absolutely last resort. Of course there is always the option to work after high school, but I want/need to extend my education. So working isn't going to be an option for now.

Now the big questions that's really got my attention: Army? There are so many things that get me excited about the Army, and a few things that instill a bit of fear within me. I would absolutely love to get to experience training, and traveling, and being able to use a BA gun or two. Of course the Army can pay for an education which is one of my biggest college issues right now(but not the reason why one should enlist into service.) Also I'd learn so much and I'd be more disciplined more than I EVER could. And if you know me you know I'm the most disciplined guy out there.

Of course there are a few things that worry me. I think being shipped to Iraq for a year would be pretty unfortunate, yet slightly exciting. I usually enjoy sniping groundhogs or other critters that roam around outside my house but they never shoot back. This years election will be a guide as to what I do simply because if McCain gets in office who knows when we'll be out of Iraq, actually who knows who else we'll be in war with at that point. Their is a lot to think about and a lot that's been on my mind.

Of course I am simply not in control of my life, and I am going to sit back, talk to God and see where he wants me. Because ultimately that's what matters the most.

One Love,