Mending the Heart Atlast

I've always been told that God can work so far up the river that you cannot see Him preparing something for your life. Its true. This blog is 100% in relation to my "Burned" Post from November. Its amazing how God can make things happen. Its incredible how God can work in my life so quickly and make such an incredible Impact. Its incredible how God lets things sit in order for His plan to help me grow. God works in all different ways, and fortunately I got to experience God work through the "Breakdown" phase. And this is how it happened. What happens is EVERYTHING went wrong. I woke up, and the second I opened my eyes, I knew it was going to be terrible day. Family fights, anger towards church, and a heart not willing to serve...a perfect combination for a minor spiritual breakdown. I will leave out the details about how the breaking-point part of my day went, All I will say is it was involved with a dozen F-Bombs, and 23904 other words i shall not repeat. God knows its time for things to change and then it happens I realize things need to change. All the RIGHT things fall into place. I talk to the right people, hear the right things, sing the right songs. Its incredible how I can get hurt in such a small time, but whats even more incredible is how my heart can change in an even smaller amount of time. Maybe you didn't read my other blog, "Burned" but now I am here and I feel more content with serving. I'm taking all the right steps and heading in the direction I need to be going...Finally. Heres God taking me and shaping me into who he wants me to be, a Yearning Disciple striving for a life for Him.

Which to pick?

I said the unthinkable the other day. Words so harsh. I actually said something I thought would never come out of my mouth. I said Halo3 was not as good as good as Call of Duty4. It was blasphemy. I regret it. And recently I've been asked which one I prefer. I have history with the Chief. Going back to Halo1 tearing apart the covenant to finding out a new group called the flood. Then me and Chief going to Earth in Halo2, Good times. And then in Halo3 me and him saving the earth and taking down everyone. We have history!!! but whats this? Here comes this new guy from the USMC, I don't even know his name and side with him? that's like...bad! I take it all back, nothing can take me away from my beloved Halo3. Not even a Us Marine fighting off middle eastern rebels.
Now as I go back and read this blog, there are a few adjectives that are probably going through your head right now that probably describe me. You're probably thinking I'm a...nerd, a bum, lazy game player, halo junkie, freak. No.... This blog emphasizes everything beyond belief. I love Halo, just like the other 1/2 of the world. And that's really all. It could be worse. I could be like those weird kids that fantasise about having weird sexual relations with cortana....(yes the hologram.)they do exist. but im not... Heres some rankings below

Halo 3 Service Record

A Green Christmas

Its Christmas time! Awesome, I enjoy it. A time for people to spend time with their family and friends, and also a great time for people to spend all their money!!! Awesome? No. I came across some intense stats recently that said how many families will go into debt this time of the year. Ironic how Americans go in bigger debt and grow more depressed around Christmas time aka the celebration of Christs' birth. Oh well not me. I stumbled across this awesome bible verse the other day. It really caught my attention and reminded me of all the chaos that happens this time of the year. Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,"Never will I leave you; 7 never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5-7

It reminded me that Christmas isn't all about getting the coolest best looking most expensive presents. I can definitely get wrapped up in the whole presents idea. I'm a teenager! I hear my friends talking about getting some of the coolest things with and/or having a $600 spending amount. Ridiculous. I wont let money tear me apart from what Christmas is about. That sure sounds like a cliche statement, but its me being genuine. Maybe these blogs are me talking to myself hopefully not, I do enjoy it very much though. Maybe my next one won't be so profound aka "Deep."



So this weekend was amazing. My sister took a train into town for the weekend and my brother spent the weekend home from college. It was great!! I cancelled all of my plans just spend each minute with my family. This time of the year is my second favorite. I hate cold and I hate cold rain and typically I'm not a huge fan of late fall early winter, but I love this time because its a great oppertunity to spend time with my family. I prayed earlier today during church because I thanked God for such an incredible family. I love this time of the year because I love to spend tons of time with people I who have known me since I was alive. I cherish every minute because I cant be sure who will be gone tomorrow. Its probably one of my biggest fears. That fear relates back to an unexpected death in the family and me seeing the pain that people suffered. Its this time of the year that I try to enjoy every second I have with my family. My Sister, Brother, and I went to target the other night. Its probably the first time I spent time with JUST them in a long long long time, its incredible I cherish those moments because I always a negative idea in my head that it could be gone tomorrow, that's not my point. I'm thanking God for the incredible family that I have.