5 things you probably should'nt do in Germany!

I haven't been here too long and i've already personally witnessed enough stupid crap to formulate a list about things you shouldn't do while traveling in Germany! I'm stationed here in Germany! Yes I am stuck here filled with testosterone pumped guys who want nothing more than some german beers and a sneak peek at some german boobies! Lets see, army guys + money + beer + endless amounts of woman = never a good thing. Learn from these people!

1. This one is called the Krusty Crab!
This guy came into my barracks room explaining to me the good time he had with some random romanian girl from the red light district. If you don't know what that is its basically a playground for hookers. Gross right? Anyway when this guy proceeded tell me about his adventures with this girl he had to pay 100 Euros for (which is roughly 160 American dollars.) He kept going on as if I cared to hear about his sad stories about how he had to pay for a good time. As he continued to tell me his story i couldn't help but nothing something was bothering him… i don't need to go into detail because I feel that the title is enough for you to figure out but let me tell you something. Man-scaping in my shower is not going to be a good solution, Actually its more of a HORRIBLE idea. See, now I am just pissed!
Moral of the story: Just because prostitution is legal here does not mean you wont get the itchies! Gross!

2. The Battle Buddy System!
Here in the army we don't do anything alone! Why? Because if something goes horribly wrong you've got a soldier to cover you, to watch your back, to make sure you get out alive! One guy decided he was too good for his battle buddy and left him in a hotel room passed out with a hooker in a city pretty far from base. The next morning he found a note and some money, she felt bad for him and paid HIM to get back to base! Taxis here arent cheap either! Moral of the story: Pick the right battle buddies! Don't leave your buddy in a hotel room with a syphylgonjuas infected woman. Thats not right!

3. Loans are for houses, cars, or really expensive things!
I know obama wants us to spend money so the economy can kind of fix itself, I guess a few guys here got the idea ohhh so wrong. If your a single guy, 18 and have never really made to much money before the armies pay seems pretty freaking awesome! Right? If your 21, paying child support and are in debt at home you should probably be careful with what seems to be not enough money for you… And when i say careful I don't mean taking out a german loan and spending 2500 Euros in one night. I wish this was a joke but sadly its not…. How does one spend that much money in a strip club? Where do they keep all that money? I probably don't even want to know! This guy spends his nights in the barracks now! Hes out of money.
Moral of the story: You're in Europe! Spend the money on something better than strip clubs! Go see something cool! Do something other than blowing all your money! Also, this place is HELLA expensive don't blow all your money!

4. Watch your stuff!
We've learned that some people over here:
A. Hate americans
B. Hate soldiers more than american civilians
C. Are Racist!
D. Will steal your credit card when your drunk and will max out your cards at strip clubs!
This one is pretty simple… Watch your stuff, be careful who you talk to, and remember…people here arent to fond of us, esp soldiers.
Moral of the story - Look at A through D again.

5. This ones for real
Although the 1 through 4 are pretty funny this one….eh not so much. Maybe you arrant aware but sex trafficking is a pretty popular thing in this world. I would like to say that things in the movie, "Taken" aren't true, but that kind of stuff is happening. Germany is one of the worst countries for hosting sex trafficking. Its not funny at all… This stuff is a real bad issue. The red-light district is a city block of women in windows waiting to be picked! sex for money. You think they all want that? How can anyone willingly take part in that? That makes you just as bad as the assohle pimp who deserves a grenade in his mouth with the pin pulled…. Take it as you will! Moral of the story: Dont be a part of that girls horrible life...

This place is nuts! Just as a sidenote, I haven't been involved in ANY of these shenanigans! Why because Im Awe…

wait for it…

wait for it…


Hope you've enjoyed my return to the blogging world!

Im Back Fools...

After many many many months of crazy training... I have found time to start blogging again. Its going to get intense here...

Be ready!

Writing from Germany!
Hope to see you soon!


Basic Training: Be back in Oct

Well im gone.

Im sitting in new jersey right now on my last time on a computer for a while.
Today is the hardest day of my life.
I have been praying, and I can only keep praying

I hope things get easier cause this is not easy at all.
I've been alone for 4 hours and im already freaking out!

How do people do this without God?
Well i already miss everyone. Take care

With Love,

12 Days of Reflection - Day 1: Countdown Begins

Its July first and all I can think about is leaving in 12 days. Its incredible how you see life so differently when you are ready to leave everything you've known.

This past week I got the incredible opportunity to travel to Holland, Michigan for my 5th year of CIY. This was a great time to really reflect about my life, my future, and Gods plan for both. This was a great week for me to share how I felt about everything to God and to my friends. The week was amazing because it was one last huge hurrah with CCV.

I wake up and the first thing I think is... "I have ___ many days to wake up in my bed, in my house, being comfortable.

I go to bed thinking, there goes one more day, Did I spend it the way I wanted?

Don't get me wrong, I am not depressed about what I am doing. I am not annoyed with my decision or regretting it. I have never done anything this huge in my life. (thats what she said)
Im excited! I am stoked! I am ready! I feel ready! I feel prepared! Its the right thing and I believe so.

I want the spend the next 12 doing things that make me the happiest, with the people I love, with people who I wont let go of when I leave. I will blog for the next 12 days...all leading up to my goodbye.

God, Thank You for allowing me to serve with the best team,

Pastor To Private - Why I did.

I never was a pastor and as far as I am concerned I never will be. I don't feel like its my calling. But I can explain.

A few years ago if you would've told me I was going to be in the military I would've peed my pants and said no way Jose. 2 years ago I thought I had it all planned out for me. Here's what I had going on

Two years ago I dreamed of being a youth pastor...hence the title, "Pastor to Private" I loved it!! I loved following my old youth pastor around, doing youth ministry things. I dreamed youth ministry. Well of course God threw me an unexpected curve ball and my emotions eventually changed.

Last year I went on an incredible missions trip with an incredible group of people. We stayed in Juarez, Mexico. While we were staying in El Paso, TX we were living right next to a military base. FT Bliss. It was cool driving by and seeing tanks, cannons, soldiers, barracks, Humvees and all other crazy military things. While down there in Mexico I was seeing how cool it was to serve. I was out of my comfort zone, even though most of you seem to think Mexico is my home (You know who you all are, and I hate you :-)

While in Mexico I experienced serving in a totally different environment. Now I am a mind-reader and I know what you are thinking, "If you loooove God, and you love serving, and you wanted to be a pastor than why don't you just work in the field of doing missions trips?" That's a great question! I loved helping the people in Mexico but....

I love danger
I love protecting others
I love blowing stuff up
I love guns
I want the challenge
I want the experience
I want the uniform
I want to be a part of the United States Armed Forces

As I was sitting on the plane home, on a plane with more soldiers than civilians I was thinking about life and what I wanted to do...

Im going to serve my King, and my country.


BCT - Basic Combat Training

Everyone fears it, but not everyone has to go through it. So I leave July 13th for Ft Benning Georgia. My emotions are running all over the place

I am not happy because: I have a little summer, leave my best friends I have, I'll be pushed harder than I ever had, July in the south is not fun at all, I will miss my church community, I will miss the summer nights, the bonfires...

I am happy because: Im on a new chapter of life, Im testing my faith, Im pushing my body physically and emotionally to make me a better person, I get to play with Guns, I get to travel, I get to experience things not many people will, I'll get an amazing oppertunity to serve, I'll make amazing new friends, I get to put on the uniform I've always admired.

Either way I am leaving In July and I am enjoying every last moment I get to spend with my friends. Until then I'm going to have a blast! The summer has been great so far! Stick around for more posts until July 13, 2009.

One Love,
PVT Flora

When One Chapter Ends...

I still remember my mom pushing me out of the door on the first day of 1st grade. I still remember what I was wearing. Red sweat pants and and a red shirt. I was crying hysterically. I told her I couldn't go because I felt like I was going to throw up. I was horrified because this was truly the first time I was leaving my house for a long time. I walked to the bus stop with Adam crying. He always tried to tell me everything was going to be just fine. He always protected my on the bus. He's always had my back. Everyday I left my mom waved to me at the same window.
When Adam went to middle school and I was in second grade she came with me to the bus stop everyday. We always talked.
She worked in the cafeteria for a few years and kids always got grossed out when they saw the lunch lady kissing a boy...but it was my momma. She always got me a little something too :)

Middle school rolled around and I was one goofy kid. I had a tough time adjusting to a new building and dealing with the big bad 8Th graders. What an awkward time in life. I don't miss any part of middle school. I spent my days talking about squirrels and trying to figure out why my voice was getting deeper.

I still remember perfectly the first day of high school. I was small and the seniors were big and had beards. Enough said. I remember getting off the bus and just walking into massive crowds of people. I got lost for a while. Freshmen year seemed to be never-ending. Sophomore year was a blur, and junior year was annoying. Senior year was the best hands down. I had all the perfect classes, was with my awesome friends, and definitely met some really cool new people. This year flew and I had one great time. I got in the car today, looked back at the school and waved and said, "you treated me well" and drove off.
Im done. I am finished high school and it sure does come with many different emotions.
Im on senior career study until graduation. June 12th.
Im sitting here now asking, am I ready for the next chapter?

Private Evan Flora

Yup, Its official!

I returned from Ft Dix, NJ lastnight! I was at MEPS (Military Examination Process Station)
It was a long day that started at 400AM. The day was a lot of sitting, a lot of signing, a lot of medical testing.

I started off really nervous. I signed my contract then I was taken to the place where I get sworn in....It went kinda like this:

"I Do So Solemnly Swear
That I Will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States
Against All Enemies
That I Will Bear True Faith and Allegiance to the Same
And that I Will Obey the Orders of the President of the United States
And the Orders of the Officers Appointed Over Me
According to the Regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
So Help Me God"

and then it was done...

The next couple months are going to be challenging. Its going to be the start of my physical and emotional challenge. I'm nervous. I'm excited. Stick around to see whats going to happen as time progresses. This blog is also going to be a way for people to keep track of me once I depart Collegeville, PA!

Holding onto my faith harder than ever

Evan Flora

A Love Uncomprehendable for me - Mom

There are two types of love that I have a hard time grasping my mind around. No, this message has nothing to do with God. Although that is the greatest love on earth, It will NOT be the topic of todays blog.

My 18th birthday is Friday, and I feel as if my mom is fearing that date more than ever. Shes always had control over me, shes always had a say in what I do. But Friday, I'll be free. Not that I am joyful about this occasion. I will tell you hands down that I do have the coolest mom on the planet, and sorry if your offended but stay at my house for a week and you'll see what I am talking about. Be jelous

For 26 years my mom has always played the role of, well mom. Not that she is ever going to stop, but for the past 26 years someone has always lived under her roof, under her care.

My sister has been gone for what seems like forever, my brother is leaving this summer for Arizona, and I am leaving for military duties. Who is left? No one. We'll my Dad will be around but there will be a post for him later in time.
This I cant comprehend. My mom loves being a mom so much that some time it gets annoying, but I know she really really really cares. I cant imagine this house being just my mom and dad.
I have never had a love that even compares to the love she has for me, I just cant fathom having an "empty nest."

I was at the Silvers house this weekend, and I just would see Matt and Carrie with their kids. Seeing them made me see what things my mom has gone through with me. Those are two extremely loving parents I might add. Since the joy of them adopting me (just kidding I am not adopted.) Since they day she knew about my existence, the late late nights up crying, the fights, the first day of school (which I will never forget) and going through grades 1-12 she has always been there, she never stopped loving. Saying goodbye might just me the hardest thing I will ever have to do

Love you Mom,

"Congrats your 50% closer to be being in the United States Army"

I was nervous yesterday. I was nervous this afternoon. But I finally feel relieved and I feel as if I hit the point of being comfortable.

Today after school today the Army recruiter took me to the 0ffice to get some stuff done. I was asked a ton of questions; criminal history, health history etc. My height and weight was taken. 18% body fat, not bad. I was given a nice big packet that I filled out. I asked a ton of questions about dates, departure, basic combat training, MEPS, blah blah blah... It was exciting.

When I was on my way home, the recruiter said, "Congrats your 50% closer to being in the Army. It was exciting! I take the ASVAB finally on Tuesday @ Willow Grove.

All thats left is the physical, signing my name, and taking oath. That all has to be competed when I am 18 (two weeks!) Today though was definitely a great day and got me feeling more comfortable with this intense decision!

Civic Duty - When It Finally Becomes Your Problem

I was in the passenger seat of my friend Kaitlyn's car, we were on the way to my house on the way home from school. We got to a back road when we saw a car parked in the middle of the road. Two people were in the road fighting.
This man was in a heated argument with this women, which I assumed was his girlfriend. Anyways, we drove past to get a good look and about 50 feet away we stopped and watched. He was really yelling at her and I watched closely. At one point he pushed her real hard and then began to choke her and he kept pushing her into the car.

An Evan rule: Never push Gods wonderful women around like that!

I was about to make it rain on this guys day!!!!!

So I ran out of the car and got in this bro's face. he yelled and advised me to get in the car

Cant scare me bro!

Anyway, he was still yelling at his girlfriend who was crying hysterically in the car, she tried to talk to me but she couldn't. The man continued to yell at me and I tried to handle the situation the best I could without violence. My friend called 911 while we were yelling in each others face. The guy tried telling me, he didn't want her to get wet in the rain (newsflash...IT WASNT RAINING) So when I procedded to tell him he was full of s*** he then got pretty enraged with anger and got in his car and sped off.
We drove down the road a few minutes later to see that he was being cuffed and thrown into the back of a police car. Yay!

Ladies please: never ever ever tolerate even being slightly pushed by a guy, no girl EVER deserves that. Get out of that relationship immediatly. Please please please.

messed up, I am glad I was there because it makes me so angry to think that a guy would do this...in the middle of the road too.

MTV's Real World - Goodbye!!

I am sad! Tonight is the last episode of the current season of Real World : Brooklyn.
I know what your thinking. Who on earth watches Mtv anymore? And who watches The Real World? Isnt that show filled with drunken parties and promiscuous sex scenes?
Not this season, which is why It was my favorite all time season!
This year really related to me, which is why I felt it was my favorite.

The picture above was my favorite person from Real World hands down. This guy was straight out of Gettysburg (2 hours from my house) and he was also in the US Army, and is currently serving in Iraq again! This guy was hysterical, he always could give a good laugh, and he was dedicated to serving the country

This guy above, Chet, who looks gay but isnt is basically just as cool as Ryan. He is down to earth, he is a super devout Mormon (although I am not Mormon at all, he still had a lot of the same beliefs as I do) This guy really took his faith serious, saving himself for marriage, taking his faith serious, and not getting trashed were just some of the cool things this guy did. Him and Ryan seemed as if they were brothers the way they acted in the show. They were comical together.
Great to watch.

Of course not all the chracters were as awesome. There was an outspoken, obnoxious, loud mouth who felt the need to jump into every argument
Then their was Kaitlynn, the femminist transgenderd girl dude thing. Enough Said
The show did not have one sex scene, and had limited "drunk party" scenes. I feel as if Real World changed its direction of the show. Maybe they got a group of people that preferd not to party, who knows but either way it made the show more enjoyable. Each episode usually had its focus on a specific person more than others. It was interesting because you got to see a more in depth look into their life. The cast this year for the most part had apirations as they entered the big city. Someone was seeking a dancing career, one was looking for a fashion designing job, ryan was looking into getting into the film industry, chet was working hard to get onto Mtv to be a host and interviewer for various bands. It was a great year.

Dumb Dumb Dumb!

I am trying to stay involved with what is going on in the world, if you havent noticed from my previous post...

Heres the problem! I am currently taking a Government class, that creates the first problem. I am being taught in liberal surroundings. High Schools and Colleges are the two most liberal influential institutions in America. In class we watch MSNBC (liberal)!! Taught by liberal teachers

If you haven't had the honor to meet my grandfather then you would know that he is one of the most conservative people you will ever meet! I enjoy sitting back and drinking a nice cold rootbeer with him occasionally. He tells me pretty much opposite of what school teaches. He has been around the block once or twice and I will not doubt him, because he knows more than I ever will. He is certainly not the only conservative influence in my life.

So if I watch CNN or MSNBC, my content is obviously different than if I watch Fox.

Maybe I'll just stick to my Yahoo News...

This Ugly Ugly World

So I am searching through the news websites like CNN, Yahoo News..etc and I am noticing something. The world is slowly getting uglier...

Lately North Korea has dominated the world news.
North Korea currently is planning on launching a high ballistic missile that will launch a satellite into orbit. The missile they plan to launch they think is a ballistic test that is capable of reaching Alaska, Hawaii or the US Pacific Coast. Us, China, Japan, and South Korea all are stressing how horrible of an idea this really is. The action is illegal especially when it was established at the six-party convention a few years ago. Despite all of that NK claimed they were "dismanteling" their missles. But now they are testing them?

The being in trillions of dollars in debt: Never a good thing, especially because it makes you vulnerable. Don't know when things are going to improve but most predictions are claiming that the Us has not even hit the lowest point of this recession yet. The unemmployment rate is flirting with 9%. Last time that happened was '83.

Iran is trying harder than ever to obtain nuclear weapons, their goal is to blow Israel off of the map. What the heck is going to happen there? Their working hard with Russia, which is never a good thing. And why is Russia having a peacetime draft? Shady much?

Iraq is finally dwindeling down, but I am worried about what will happen when most troops are gone by 2010.

Afghanistan is becomming more important now that most of our government realized that we are still actually deployed there, since we are slowly forgetting about Iraq now. In Government we were learning how its going to be the next Vietnam. Awesome, considering how Nam was an epic FAILURE! Looks like cave hunting for me by next winter.
Considering that most of Al-Quida is hiding in Pakistan, it seems as if we'll be there soon enough, even though we are there anyway.

And on top of it a portion of the world thinks the world is going to end in 2012 anyway. I dont personally believe that, but a climax of all these events would result in something horrible anyway.

Holding onto my faith harder than ever,
Evan :)

Your Not Invincible - When Death Strikes Close

The last time I have been exposed to a funeral or some one close passing away was many years ago when my aunt was in a terrible accident. I was too young to truly understand, at that point I had no faith, which changes death completely.
Christians view death in different ways. We are joyous that a brother or sister is in Heaven, in a better place, hanging out with God. It seems to amazing, but when someone close to you passes away its hard to think about how they are in a better place. For me not having anyone pass away who is truley close to me, I still dont understand... But a fear that hits close to home with me has hit once again.

When I was young, I had some horrible fears:

1. Throwing up - I would never go out to my friends or cousins houses because I didn't want to throw up. I worried I'd get sick when I went on trips. That is no longer a big deal. (even though I cant remember the last time I've thrown up.)
2. Being kidnapped out of my bed - Im sure this was a common fear for many children but I used to lock my door and have a hiding spot ready for when someone wanted me. This is also no longer an issue because I feel bad for anyone who tries to break into my house.
3. My parents dying - This also hindered my from leaving my house when I was younger. This fear definitely stuck around the longest, hands down.

As my teenage years progressed, my fear has withered away...

Today I found out that a very special girl from my church, and a girl whom I was lucky to share the Mexico experience with; her mother has passed away. Although unfortunately I can say I have never met her mother, I am filled with sorrow for Marissa because I could never imagine how she is feeling.
CCV is an amazing community. Its a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Through out my time there I have met many incredible people. I have met so many different people. Its hard to believe that through out my years there that there has been no death that has been personally close to me. Its easy to forget death when in fact it is something very uncommon for me. Its easy to think, "Im going to heaven one day" but you dont think about the people who are close to you. The people who will eventually die.

Now its easier than ever to realize how I am nothing closely related to invincible. No one is. I guess death is something I have been ignorant about, especially enlisting into the military. Its something no one wants to think about, but now its there.

Death is one thing that can be so painful, but so incredibly beautiful.

Marissa I am sorry that you have to go through this, there are so many people at CCV who care about you so much. We are all here for you. I am truley sorry. We all love you so much


Back...Again! Here is What is Going on.

Immmm Bacccck!
And here is what is going on in my life:

-79 days, 21 hours remaining until graduation! I am very very very excited for graduation I feel prepared for a new chapter in life. I am excited to be done with High School and the immaturity that comes with it!
-Exactly One month till I am 18 (my moms biggest fear.) Now I can do whatever I possibly want. I can go anywhere, sign up for anything, and get myself into any kind of mess, and...yes I can finally sign myself up for the United States Army! Hoorah! That brings me to my next point!
- I plan on taking the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Its the test that basically says what jobs I can and can not have. If you really know me then you know that I am horrible at taking tests, so I am nervous! I do not think you have to score too high to get into the Infantry Division, but we'll see!
-Im trying to keep myself more busy! I am doing various things each week that I am using to keep my occupied! I have a boys teenage HT, student leadership, accountability meeting each week, an oppertunity to serve with a great friend on his farm! I have been keeping myself busy.
-Physical conditioning. I was running 2 miles each morning at 5am. I've stopped ofcourse but I am getting myself into running again. I've also been pushing myself to get 100-200 pushups done a night.
-As time progresses I find myself getting more and more nervous! Ohhh boy.

Stick around, no more blogging break!

Why Serving the Military is Not as Un-Godly as You Think

This has been something that I have struggled with for months. After carefully praying, seeking guidance, and examining the condition of my heart I am confidant in how I stand.

Lets get a few things understood first:

1. The bible does not call us to be pacifists! The definition is "a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind."
2. Murder is NOT the same thing as Killing

Murder - In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).

Kill - to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of

Look at the definitions! Enough said. You can not use the cliche, "Do not murder" as a legitimate argument. Now that we have that established check this out....

Romans 13:14 says (A New Testament book for you bible Noobs) Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. 2 So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. 3 For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. 4 The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. 5 So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.

If you are in the United States Military aka AUTHORITY they are "Gods Servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do wrong." (Romans 13: 4)

So here it is...

When war is Godly : IF its a just-war aka a pre-emptive war Meaning if a military action that is justified as being permissible for legal or moral reasons. A war can also be justifiable in order to defense against the weak or oppressed. Do I think the war in Afghanistan is a just-war? Yup. A bunch of terrorists fly some planes into US buildings murdering 3000 innocent people. Seems like we are defending the United States from this happening. Iraq, I am not so sure of at this point. Although no one can really pinpoint the reasons for the war in Iraq, the ending of the Reign of Saddam was pretty huge.

When war is morally wrong: An Un-just war, example If the US invaded Pakistan just because we wanted their oil I would refuse to fight for that war. That war can no possibly be justified.

I've heard the argument when Jesus tells his disciples... "Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. (Matt 26:52)

This verse doesn't sit with me very well. I think Jesus said this because it was simply if the disciples decided to use thier swords right there are attempted to kill the guards, it was obvious all the Disciples would DIE BY THE SWORD. I could be horribly wrong, makes sense to me.
You can not compare the sword to a military issued M16. I've had intelligent people argue with this verse. There are TONS of soldiers who have killed with it, and who haven't been killed by it. There is no intelligent argument against that.

The last thing I have to say... We should seek peace. We should pray for peace. We should not create conflicts. We should not launch unjust wars. I would choose peace before conflict, If peace creates no solution...Then the problem arises. Its a God given right to defend ourselves, our neighbors, our loved ones, the opressed, the needy.

This is My Jam!

Some of my favorite bands are O.A.R. , Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Sublime. All artists def throw some reggae into their tunes, especially Marley...Duh
Anyway, I love jamming to some reggae, I find it extra chill! Solo, I was excited when I saw one of my favorite styles of music clash with one of my favorite worship bands, Hillsongs! Check out this jam!

Economy : Now I Am Pissed!

Okay, so people are getting laid off. I don't have a job so I do not worry so much.
People are getting their houses foreclosed. I don't have a house. Well my parents do but if they loose this cheap house then something is wrong.
I don't have stocks. So I don't have money to loose.
I don't have money period. So I honestly have no worries.

But now I cant even tell you how angry this "Economic Crisis" has made me.

Applebees does not have half off appetizers past 9pm anymore!!!!!! Screw stocks, the failing banks, the car companies dying, and all the other financial issues! Now I am upset!
You don't take half off boneless buffalo wings away from a kid who weighs 225 lbs! ARGH!
So i got them last night with their "new prices" I wasn't happy because I had to spend more than a 5 dollar bill. :( ew. And their portions were smaller. So now I pay more and get less?! Lame. Stupid Economy.

The Jesus Freak Struggle...

There is this person I know. Lets call this person Bob. Bob is Christian. Bob clearly loves Jesus. Is Bob being ridiculous or is Bob just getting it Right? Here's the story.

Bob goes around school telling a whole ton of people that Jesus loves them. Bob will tell girls that are hurt, boys that are hurt, or just he will just tell people that Jesus is the answer to their problems. He'll write notes to people saying that everything will be okay because Jesus is there. Its pretty extreme. Bob has a reputation for being crazy. People in school say Bob is crazy.

Does this work?

The evangelism that I witnessed has never been anything like this. It has always been a slow time consuming relationship that relies on a lot of time and energy. Usually it takes people a lot of time to comprehend this concept of Jesus dieing for our sins. That's what I prefer.

Bob isn't afraid to be the outcast, neither was Jesus.

But what Bob does, does that work in this day and age?

Bob isn't afraid to get rejected and made fun of. Jesus was kicked out of towns and taunted for what he preached. He was even killed for what he claimed.

In my life I have never witnessed Bob-style evangelism work. Myself, my family, and my closest friends all spent a lot of time talking to someone about Christianity. We weren't told Jesus loves us and then automatically we decided we wanted to follow. It was a time consuming process.

But Jesus calls us to be outcasts. He calls us to be different and not like anyone else. I'll be honest I don't like the Bob style of Evangelism.
1) I think its ineffective. I believe its going to give Christians a bad rep if they are running around saying Jesus loves you.
2) I'll be honest I don't want all of Perkiomen Valley to hate me..

But! there is the but I feel that Jesus was more of a Bob kind of person? Maybe not? Maybe in a different way?


I wrote a similar post about being spiritually burned out about a year ago. That was one of my first posts. Click here to check it out!

I've been involved in student ministries for 6 years now serving faithfully from 7Th to now, 12Th grade. I served in children's ministry for 2 years, and ushered for 2 years (won usher of the year award!) Student ministries is definitely where I had a passion for serving. Since then I've never really been a student. Once I began high school I always put myself in the staff position haha. Its what I do.

I love serving. I love helping. Its what I am passionate about.

"Many hands make light work" I like being those hands that make light work! And we all know I've got hands!!

Now that I seem to be getting closer and closer to the homestretch of my senior year I am flat out exhausted for student ministries, but not just student ministries. Everything. I am not motivated by any means. It emotionally and spiritually hurts me when I can not get excited about serving and helping out. I feel the conviction but I just am struggling in my heart.

What separates this "Burned" from the last one is that I am Burned out on Christianity.

Know a few things first:
1) This does not mean im throwing in the towel on Christianity, that's foolishness.
2) This will not change the way I think about God in anyway.
3) This will not affect the way I process thoughts and make decisions. Don't worry, I will still cross the line with most things I say. (for anyone who doesn't get it, I don't typically think before I speak...It can make for a good laugh, but it gets me in trouble sometimes.
4) I certainly wont stop going to church or riot, that's craziness!

I am just at a place where a christian hates to see themselves at. It happens I understand.

When I got baptised I knew that this crazy thing called Christianity sure wasn't going to make life any easier. I knew my road would have its curves and bumps. At least I'm not doing It alone.