This is My Jam!

Some of my favorite bands are O.A.R. , Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Sublime. All artists def throw some reggae into their tunes, especially Marley...Duh
Anyway, I love jamming to some reggae, I find it extra chill! Solo, I was excited when I saw one of my favorite styles of music clash with one of my favorite worship bands, Hillsongs! Check out this jam!

Economy : Now I Am Pissed!

Okay, so people are getting laid off. I don't have a job so I do not worry so much.
People are getting their houses foreclosed. I don't have a house. Well my parents do but if they loose this cheap house then something is wrong.
I don't have stocks. So I don't have money to loose.
I don't have money period. So I honestly have no worries.

But now I cant even tell you how angry this "Economic Crisis" has made me.

Applebees does not have half off appetizers past 9pm anymore!!!!!! Screw stocks, the failing banks, the car companies dying, and all the other financial issues! Now I am upset!
You don't take half off boneless buffalo wings away from a kid who weighs 225 lbs! ARGH!
So i got them last night with their "new prices" I wasn't happy because I had to spend more than a 5 dollar bill. :( ew. And their portions were smaller. So now I pay more and get less?! Lame. Stupid Economy.

The Jesus Freak Struggle...

There is this person I know. Lets call this person Bob. Bob is Christian. Bob clearly loves Jesus. Is Bob being ridiculous or is Bob just getting it Right? Here's the story.

Bob goes around school telling a whole ton of people that Jesus loves them. Bob will tell girls that are hurt, boys that are hurt, or just he will just tell people that Jesus is the answer to their problems. He'll write notes to people saying that everything will be okay because Jesus is there. Its pretty extreme. Bob has a reputation for being crazy. People in school say Bob is crazy.

Does this work?

The evangelism that I witnessed has never been anything like this. It has always been a slow time consuming relationship that relies on a lot of time and energy. Usually it takes people a lot of time to comprehend this concept of Jesus dieing for our sins. That's what I prefer.

Bob isn't afraid to be the outcast, neither was Jesus.

But what Bob does, does that work in this day and age?

Bob isn't afraid to get rejected and made fun of. Jesus was kicked out of towns and taunted for what he preached. He was even killed for what he claimed.

In my life I have never witnessed Bob-style evangelism work. Myself, my family, and my closest friends all spent a lot of time talking to someone about Christianity. We weren't told Jesus loves us and then automatically we decided we wanted to follow. It was a time consuming process.

But Jesus calls us to be outcasts. He calls us to be different and not like anyone else. I'll be honest I don't like the Bob style of Evangelism.
1) I think its ineffective. I believe its going to give Christians a bad rep if they are running around saying Jesus loves you.
2) I'll be honest I don't want all of Perkiomen Valley to hate me..

But! there is the but I feel that Jesus was more of a Bob kind of person? Maybe not? Maybe in a different way?


I wrote a similar post about being spiritually burned out about a year ago. That was one of my first posts. Click here to check it out!

I've been involved in student ministries for 6 years now serving faithfully from 7Th to now, 12Th grade. I served in children's ministry for 2 years, and ushered for 2 years (won usher of the year award!) Student ministries is definitely where I had a passion for serving. Since then I've never really been a student. Once I began high school I always put myself in the staff position haha. Its what I do.

I love serving. I love helping. Its what I am passionate about.

"Many hands make light work" I like being those hands that make light work! And we all know I've got hands!!

Now that I seem to be getting closer and closer to the homestretch of my senior year I am flat out exhausted for student ministries, but not just student ministries. Everything. I am not motivated by any means. It emotionally and spiritually hurts me when I can not get excited about serving and helping out. I feel the conviction but I just am struggling in my heart.

What separates this "Burned" from the last one is that I am Burned out on Christianity.

Know a few things first:
1) This does not mean im throwing in the towel on Christianity, that's foolishness.
2) This will not change the way I think about God in anyway.
3) This will not affect the way I process thoughts and make decisions. Don't worry, I will still cross the line with most things I say. (for anyone who doesn't get it, I don't typically think before I speak...It can make for a good laugh, but it gets me in trouble sometimes.
4) I certainly wont stop going to church or riot, that's craziness!

I am just at a place where a christian hates to see themselves at. It happens I understand.

When I got baptised I knew that this crazy thing called Christianity sure wasn't going to make life any easier. I knew my road would have its curves and bumps. At least I'm not doing It alone.