Dumb Dumb Dumb!

I am trying to stay involved with what is going on in the world, if you havent noticed from my previous post...

Heres the problem! I am currently taking a Government class, that creates the first problem. I am being taught in liberal surroundings. High Schools and Colleges are the two most liberal influential institutions in America. In class we watch MSNBC (liberal)!! Taught by liberal teachers

If you haven't had the honor to meet my grandfather then you would know that he is one of the most conservative people you will ever meet! I enjoy sitting back and drinking a nice cold rootbeer with him occasionally. He tells me pretty much opposite of what school teaches. He has been around the block once or twice and I will not doubt him, because he knows more than I ever will. He is certainly not the only conservative influence in my life.

So if I watch CNN or MSNBC, my content is obviously different than if I watch Fox.

Maybe I'll just stick to my Yahoo News...

This Ugly Ugly World

So I am searching through the news websites like CNN, Yahoo News..etc and I am noticing something. The world is slowly getting uglier...

Lately North Korea has dominated the world news.
North Korea currently is planning on launching a high ballistic missile that will launch a satellite into orbit. The missile they plan to launch they think is a ballistic test that is capable of reaching Alaska, Hawaii or the US Pacific Coast. Us, China, Japan, and South Korea all are stressing how horrible of an idea this really is. The action is illegal especially when it was established at the six-party convention a few years ago. Despite all of that NK claimed they were "dismanteling" their missles. But now they are testing them?

The being in trillions of dollars in debt: Never a good thing, especially because it makes you vulnerable. Don't know when things are going to improve but most predictions are claiming that the Us has not even hit the lowest point of this recession yet. The unemmployment rate is flirting with 9%. Last time that happened was '83.

Iran is trying harder than ever to obtain nuclear weapons, their goal is to blow Israel off of the map. What the heck is going to happen there? Their working hard with Russia, which is never a good thing. And why is Russia having a peacetime draft? Shady much?

Iraq is finally dwindeling down, but I am worried about what will happen when most troops are gone by 2010.

Afghanistan is becomming more important now that most of our government realized that we are still actually deployed there, since we are slowly forgetting about Iraq now. In Government we were learning how its going to be the next Vietnam. Awesome, considering how Nam was an epic FAILURE! Looks like cave hunting for me by next winter.
Considering that most of Al-Quida is hiding in Pakistan, it seems as if we'll be there soon enough, even though we are there anyway.

And on top of it a portion of the world thinks the world is going to end in 2012 anyway. I dont personally believe that, but a climax of all these events would result in something horrible anyway.

Holding onto my faith harder than ever,
Evan :)

Your Not Invincible - When Death Strikes Close

The last time I have been exposed to a funeral or some one close passing away was many years ago when my aunt was in a terrible accident. I was too young to truly understand, at that point I had no faith, which changes death completely.
Christians view death in different ways. We are joyous that a brother or sister is in Heaven, in a better place, hanging out with God. It seems to amazing, but when someone close to you passes away its hard to think about how they are in a better place. For me not having anyone pass away who is truley close to me, I still dont understand... But a fear that hits close to home with me has hit once again.

When I was young, I had some horrible fears:

1. Throwing up - I would never go out to my friends or cousins houses because I didn't want to throw up. I worried I'd get sick when I went on trips. That is no longer a big deal. (even though I cant remember the last time I've thrown up.)
2. Being kidnapped out of my bed - Im sure this was a common fear for many children but I used to lock my door and have a hiding spot ready for when someone wanted me. This is also no longer an issue because I feel bad for anyone who tries to break into my house.
3. My parents dying - This also hindered my from leaving my house when I was younger. This fear definitely stuck around the longest, hands down.

As my teenage years progressed, my fear has withered away...

Today I found out that a very special girl from my church, and a girl whom I was lucky to share the Mexico experience with; her mother has passed away. Although unfortunately I can say I have never met her mother, I am filled with sorrow for Marissa because I could never imagine how she is feeling.
CCV is an amazing community. Its a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Through out my time there I have met many incredible people. I have met so many different people. Its hard to believe that through out my years there that there has been no death that has been personally close to me. Its easy to forget death when in fact it is something very uncommon for me. Its easy to think, "Im going to heaven one day" but you dont think about the people who are close to you. The people who will eventually die.

Now its easier than ever to realize how I am nothing closely related to invincible. No one is. I guess death is something I have been ignorant about, especially enlisting into the military. Its something no one wants to think about, but now its there.

Death is one thing that can be so painful, but so incredibly beautiful.

Marissa I am sorry that you have to go through this, there are so many people at CCV who care about you so much. We are all here for you. I am truley sorry. We all love you so much


Back...Again! Here is What is Going on.

Immmm Bacccck!
And here is what is going on in my life:

-79 days, 21 hours remaining until graduation! I am very very very excited for graduation I feel prepared for a new chapter in life. I am excited to be done with High School and the immaturity that comes with it!
-Exactly One month till I am 18 (my moms biggest fear.) Now I can do whatever I possibly want. I can go anywhere, sign up for anything, and get myself into any kind of mess, and...yes I can finally sign myself up for the United States Army! Hoorah! That brings me to my next point!
- I plan on taking the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Its the test that basically says what jobs I can and can not have. If you really know me then you know that I am horrible at taking tests, so I am nervous! I do not think you have to score too high to get into the Infantry Division, but we'll see!
-Im trying to keep myself more busy! I am doing various things each week that I am using to keep my occupied! I have a boys teenage HT, student leadership, accountability meeting each week, an oppertunity to serve with a great friend on his farm! I have been keeping myself busy.
-Physical conditioning. I was running 2 miles each morning at 5am. I've stopped ofcourse but I am getting myself into running again. I've also been pushing myself to get 100-200 pushups done a night.
-As time progresses I find myself getting more and more nervous! Ohhh boy.

Stick around, no more blogging break!