You ever look at the sky on clear starry night? Doesn't the sky look huge? Doesn't space look huge. Imagine the last time you sat on the beach. You looked out to the ocean and all your eyes could see was massive blue ocean. Its breath taking to see how immense it is. When was the last time to you were on an airplane? Looking down and just seeing what seems to be endless land. It looks huge right? Its difficult to comprehend but the sky, space, the ocean, even planet Earth are all tiny compared to just how big God is. Its difficult to believe now. Next time your in front of the ocean or looking up at the sky, the things God made, thats when you'll get just a tiny glimpse of seeing just how big our God is.


I was laying in bed the other night thinking about my past 4 years in High School. Thinking about how its getting closer and closer until graduation. As I was lying there, I started to think, "What Impact have I had in the past 4 years not in High School, but mainly in my church community, where I am highly involved. It got me thinking about leaving. Which I feel 100% ready for.

I was hanging out the other day thinking about my day. I was thinking about what little things I would've done differently that would've completely changed my whole day. Little things like calling someone else, or getting on the computer at just the right time to get invited somewhere else. I realized that throughout my day some of the smallest things could change my day.

Could I be like that? Could I be that little difference in someones life that makes a difference? I watched, "Its a Wonderful Life" which I highly suggest. Its a movie about how a guy goes back in time as if he never existed and he see's how everything is different without his influence, its a bit extreme but its a great example of how you can make such a huge difference.

If one little action can change the way my whole day can go, then ONE relationship must really matter. That movie not only got me thinking about what influence I've had on others, but who's had an immense influence on me...

Two people come to mind without hesitation...

And there are definitely others...
Who are you influencing? Who influences you? I sometimes wish that my life could be like the movie, where I can go back and see what life is like without me.

I Still Love Those Drunk Aunts Though...

Family is one of the most important things in my life. Hands-down. I love my family a lot! This Saturday was our annual Flora family party. The party is usually about 60-70 people who i don't know, yet am related to. Each year its the same thing:

  1. Aunts quizzing me if i know who they are, I never do and I never will remember.
  2. Nasty old lady kisses.
  3. Watching drunk aunts and uncles dance.

Despite all of that I love my family! That is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. The family community is incredible. I love spending time with my family! We are a big fun Italian family! I have a hard time grasping my head around the fact that a lot of people have messed up broken families. Whats the divorce rate in the US today? like 53%? We've got 0 in our family. Its great to know that I have a loving family that I can ALWAYS count on. I just get upset to think of all the families that don't get together this time of year weather its because of distance or because of some dysfunction issue, but its upsetting. Kids have to pick either moms house or dads house for Christmas, that's messed up. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without my family.

What Evan Loves the Most!

Can you guess what it is?

DRAMA! Nope, not drama like school play drama. Drama like the fun kind every high school student dreams about. I don't understand it, and like a lot of things in this world... I never will. I cant wrap my head around it! Some people crave drama, some live off of it, and some despise it(meeee!!) I cant fathom why anyone would ever want to be involved with drama?

I cant tolerate that stuff!

Drama is never a healthy thing when it enters your youth group. I see this stuff all the time and its like a virus. This stuff is definitely not needed. People can be consumed by drama and sad to see.

I understand it to consume high school. That's one of the most notorious things about high school. Everyone knows that! What scares me is when it penetrates a youth group, especially a youth group of 150 kids. I expect it. There is no way you can have 150 teenagers and there be no drama but when its drastically noticeable, an issue arises.

Warning! Hunting in Valley Forge Super Illegal!

I hope your view of me doesn't change after this one! So I was with two of my best buds! I love Renae and Damo. What I also really love is when we are together we can do some of the stupidest thing ever, and have an amazing time!

We heard this commercial for a liquidation sale on all kind of name brand stuff at the Valley Forge Convention Center, so we were gonna go check it out. It had a 10 dollar entrance fee!!!! Lame! We refused and so we left and instead decided we can find something better to do. So we traveled to Valley Forge State Park! We got out of the cars and I ran around outside of the cabins screaming for George Washington. No one told me that people actually work in the cabins as tour guides?? I was really embarrassed when i decided to jump into a cabin acting retarded. A man with a musket in his hand and and apple in his mouth looked at me like I was the most ridiculous person ever.
Note to self: don't ask to touch his rifle...they don't like that!

Any who, I thought it would be cool to chase deer. If you've ever been to valley forge then you know that they will let you get really close! I thought it would be hysterical and completely B.A. If I tackled one! Damo had his camera with him as he was in the car and would film my shannanigans. Now come on, that might sound a little crazy, but how awesome would that of been? haha

Now that your judging me like you never have before, just know that its a lot of fun! Even when random people watch like your insane! Anyway I got close at one point but this one mom stared me down, and another one was big and had antlers, Im smart enough to stay away from those.

Its incredible what fun you can have with your best friends, a camera, and some deer in Valley Forge! Here are some more great pics for you to check out!

Jesus's way or an M16?

Obviously I seem to be passionate about the military. But anyway here we go... Here are a few things I do not understand...

  • Girls (who can?)
  • How water is clear
  • Girls
  • How a chicken can walk with its head off for a few minutes
  • Females
  • Why my moms cooking is so ridiculously good

But here are a few things I do understand:

  • The bible is from God (2 Timothy 3:16) open your bible, and look it up!
  • Jesus would not shoot anyone!
  • I want do be in the Infantry Division of the Army
Here is the issue: As Christians aren't we called to love everyone?

One of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, "What commandment is the foremost of all?"

29Jesus answered, "The foremost is, HEAR, O ISRAEL! THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD;


31"The second is this, 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' There is no other commandment greater than these." Mark 12: 28-31

A large part of joining the military is about helping people. Its not helping like people would in the peace corps, but it is still definitely helping people. People in Iraq or Afghanistan need help. Here is where the issue is: If I join the infantry division that position ya know...Kills people. Its not a soldiers reaction to just shoot someone, they have to be shot at first typically. At this point they are now just trying to defend themselves. So what is the "good christian thing to do." I've gotten some interesting answers

I've had a few people tell me that killing is killing and there is no way to get around it, its clearly a sin? Its pretty hard to argue against that one. Jesus got hung on the cross and didn't attempt to fight back at all but here is a different way to look at it.

What if someone was to break in your house, and you absolutely knew they wanted to kill you and your family (and you conveniently had an automatic assault rifle) wouldn't you return fire? How is that any different from being in Iraq or Afghanistan? Wouldn't you protect yourself? Wouldn't you protect your family, or the ones you really care about? I understand God called people to love your enemies, but I don't believe its right to just accept death from anyone who wants to kill us for any reason. I DO BELIEVE IN DYING FOR YOUR FAITH, Jesus did it. This is different.

Here is the problem: How do you LOVE a terrorist? Christians are called to LOVE your enemies. I don't think shooting them is loving them. Imagine if we didn't do anything about the terrorists and tried to love them? Then what? I think things like 9/11 would be common on US land. There are people who will do what it takes to bring down the world with terror. So are we suppose to just not fire at all to love them? Or defend ourselves and the world?

This is one of those moments where I wish I could have a sit-down with Jesus.

One Love,

More Branches Than a Tree??

Its official

I Am Annoyed.

For the past few weeks I've been approached by many many many people who would talk to me about many of the military branches. I've had numerous people talk to me about how the Navy is my best choice. People tell me that I need to go all out and be a Marine. I've heard a lot about the Air Force as well. I've been told the Coast Guard is what I need to do!!

I appreciate you all for caring, but what I am trying to say is I made my decision and the Army is going to be the branch for me. I truly do appreciate you caring for me, and the feedback you had but its getting old and repetitive now. I am almost 18 years old I am capable of making my own decision. I've done my homework! I have a 6in stack of papers from each branch in my room! I've personally sat down with a recruiter from each branch. I've done my pros and cons and I've thought about it and what will be best for me. The Army is my path for a few reasons. They have what I want! Infantry(crazy i know thanks)!!

The Marines certainly have infantry but they cant r A, guarantee it, and B they do not offer as much money for education. I do not want to be a marine. I was told I would sit on a boat for many months if I join the Navy. I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON A BOAT! I would much rather be in Afghanistan.

The Air Force does not have infantry. The closest thing they have is MP- Military Police. No offense, but I don't want to be a cop. I dont want to be that guy that has to pull you over for speeding, Its just not me. The Air Force can not guarantee your job! The recruiter said I could end up being a cook. NOPE! Finally, I want to do 2 years service and the AF or Navy don't allow that. Marines is just out of the question. Sorry All!

Now its a wait until April 24Th(18 bday)

One Love,


I woke up in the middle of the night with a dream that shook me a little bit. Not physically but emotionally. Its been on my mind all day and its even been bothering me. Its thought provoking because sometimes I wonder if dreams happen intentionally. Do they? Can it be God speaking to us? Dreams are tough. Its pretty personal to share but if you really want to know, contact me somehow and I can share with you! Comments about this would be highly appreciated! How do you interpret dreams?

GOL Revolution

This is my deepest post yet...

My amazing friends Mandy Slater and Mike Giacchetta are starting a revolution.

LOL (formally known as Laugh Out Loud) <---- Is gone, decimated, destroyed, obliverated, done!

It will be replaced with the new legandary...

GOL (Giggle Out Loud) <---- The new LOL! USE IT!!!!!

Our revolution is going to going to travel all over the world! It'll be epic you'll see! Okay time to stop reading this! Go out and use GOL!


In an odd mood but yours truley,
E Fizzle

Two Day Adventure!

It started on thanksgiving. What a great year!! I arrived to my Aunt and Uncles house sometime in the afternoon. I love going over their house. It was fun to be able to spend some great time with my family. We sat around the table and enjoyed some delicious turkey! It was great sitting there and being able to enjoy the company of my family.

After being there for a while, Adam and I decided to go to another family to see some people we actually haven't seen in a long long time. It was great being able to get together with more family and hang out and watch the Eagles dominate. It was around 11:00 when I thought my day was just about to end...


I got a call from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go to the Outlets @ 12. I have no money so I was going to watch my friends shop. Intense. We got there around 11:30 and the area was sooo jammed with traffic. It was insane. Seriously 422 was backed up bumper to bumper for miles. JUST TO SHOP AT 12 AM! we parked and we went it, I was going to go nuts in each store because there were soo many freakin people! we left around 1:30 ish to go back to a friends house. We had some deep theological talk goin on. Philosophical questions were being throw around too, thanks Nick!!! I didnt think my brain worked after 12, but I was wrong. Anyways, we killed time until 3:45 when we traveled to King of Prussia to wait in a line at Best Buy. It was 30 degrees out. I didn't have money to buy anything but i figured I'd be chill and hang out with my friends. Best Buy was also ridiculous. Waited outside for an hour until we finally got in, and even then inside was more insane than the outlets.

I finally managed to get myself home at 6:30am. Took a nap, then headed out to Philly at 11. Went to hang with some best buds in his apartment in Philly. Chilled there and then hung out at his slammin party. It was a lot of fun. We played some fun games, ate a ton of food, and enjoyed each others company.

It was quiet and adventure trying to get home. Our GPS was doing its own thing and lied about where we were. So then we ended up in some ugly parts of Philly. So we tried to blend in. Didn't work out too well! We had some good laughs. This was a great two days. I feel like its still thanksgiving because of my power nap.

So in a nutshell...

...two thanksgiving dinners, parties, spending good time with my family, being with my best friends, being up all night to watch people spend money, get lost, and have a ton of laughs. Good times!!!

Another great thanksgiving has passed and now I am really looking forward to my second favorite time of the year! CHRISTMAS!!! This year has been challenging due to the fact I've been asking myself a question: Where will I be next thanksgiving or Christmas? Its definitely been in my mind a lot. Hope your thanksgiving went as good as mine!

One Love,

Giving Thanks

There are a few reasons why I really love thanksgiving!

1) Fooood! If you know me than you know I loveloveloveloveee food!
2) no school for a week!
3) a great time to see family
4) beginning of Christmas time!!!! YES

What are some things that you are thankful for?

With the worlds economy pretty much in the toilet and many people loosing jobs, money, or even their house I bet there are a lot of people who think, "Life is terrible, what do I have to be thankful for?" Money is lame, here are some things that I am most thankful for:

My Family, I love them! I have an incredible family that I absolutely love! No complains one bit! We've got rednecks, hardcore Degos, old people, hilarious people, loud people, and last but not least and my personal favorite, THE OLD ANGRY REPUBLICANS! LOL my family legit!

My friends, they should just be in the same category as family. I have friends I would do anything for, I love these people with all my heart! They are my family.

My God, not first on the list but first on my heart. Wow, Christ died for me, for you for everyone. That's something I cant forget about while I'm sitting here thinking about what I am most thankful for in life.
I am really looking forward to spending some good quality time with my family for thanksgiving! I am very lucky to have a majority of my family with me and local! I cant wait to see them and hangout!

I had to pick my quote for the yearbook last week and I picked one that reminds me about despite whats going on in the world financially, life's not about money.

"You can loose all your money, you can loose all your gold. You can never loose your heart and no one can take your soul."

Live and Love,

Being Unplugged, in a Plugged in World.

Let me ask you this:

Do you have an ipod or some sort of mp3 player?

Do you Have a cell phone?

I'm going to guess that anyone reading this can almost say yes to both questions. Not all, but I'm sure a large percentage can say yes. As for me, If you know me you know that I definitely don't have a cell phone. A lot of the times it takes 5 to 6 phone calls to be made if someone really needs to get ahold of me. Its actually pretty funny how frustrating it can get.

No ipod, no phone. People tell me all the time that I need a cell phone really bad. Sometimes people ask me how I survive without music. I've figured out a few reasons why its perfectly okay to be "unplugged" in a plugged in world.

First of all, one reason I am okay with not being easily contacted is because there is something about being difficult to contact that makes me feel okay about the whole situation. Sometimes I get the image of someone living in the woods, being very secluded and hard to be contacted. Although I am not in a secluded place, that's is often the imagery that I get from not having a cell phone. Also, although texting is tons of fun, and when i steal others cell phones I abuse it, I really do think people abuse it. Myself included. Most people now would rather text instead of talk, which slowly destroys relationships. I'm okay with having a conversation. I'm okay with being hard to contact, but my time will need to come eventually.

Ipods, there cool. I found that people are using ipods in situations when they could be sociable. nothing pisses me off more than when someone has headphones in when they could be social with people. what is wrong with being able to talk to a human? I really do enjoy a good game of solitaire on the ipod though during my two study halls. LOL

Don't get me wrong, im not one of those people that think that technology is killing the world, but I do think they are abused to a certain extent sometimes. Ipods and phones are sweet, and if I could afford them both I would own them. That's not my point. My point is that I am okay with being unplugged unlike most high schoolers. Whatever if you have them, power to you! I am okay without them.

When Will I Learn?

Sometimes I wonder why I am always tired at school. Sometimes I wonder why I feel so negative towards school. Sometimes I wonder why I am not the nicest person at school. Sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to sleep in most classes. Sometimes I wonder I need to nap after school. Im sitting here currently realizing that I am an idiot!

I cant remember the last time I went to be before 12. I get up at 6 so that's.... Wow 6 hours of sleep per night? That is two hours less than I need to be getting.

Okay so Im sitting here realizing that me being tired is the problem, and going to be earlier is the solution. But what will I be doing at midnight tomorrow? Probably not sleeping! When will I learn? If I know sleep deprivation is my problem then why dont I just go to bed earler? Or better yet why do I make the same mistake day after day?

Why do we do that? We make a mistake. Get upset about making it, and then repeat the steps the next day. We'll do that over and over and over again! Why? When will we learn? When will I learn. Its almost 1 A.M. and im still up! Thats exactly my point...What the crap I am going to bed, I am pretty tired. I was tired at 10, but here I am 3 hours later still awake.

A True Pursuit - Alex Stenman

I've got this really great friend, Alex Stenman. There are some really cool things about Alex.

1. I met him many many many years ago before I even went to CCV(we were on the same hockey team) So he is pretty much the first person from my church family I've ever had interaction with.

2. Since the first day I've known him he's always strived for being great at guitar, and if you've ever heard him then you know its safe to say that hes pretty legit.

3. I've always admired him because of his pure determination for something!

Let me explain. For many years Sweet Thang(nickname) has always wanted to sing worship.
He plays guitar really well, picked up drumming incredibly fast, and is still in the process of learning piano. For the past few years its always been a joke about Alex wanting to sing, he was pretty awful so we always made jokes about it. I was scared for him to ever get on stage. Every year he 100% confidently talks about how one day he'll be on stage signing worship and we all kinda just joke about it.

This Sunday was probably a really cool experience for Alex, and because of that it made my Sunday night riot experience pretty awesome. For our student ministry Sunday night service for high school worship was changed a little bit. It was a pretty awesome acoustic jam. There was Scott singing, Alex on guitar and Shannon signing backup. Worship started and I did my thangg ya know? We'll the really cool part for me is when Alex began to sing! Crazy I know!! I cant even joke about it sounding bad! I looked into the tech booth and listened closely to see if by some chance they muted him or even turned him down, nope...His voice was clearly heard.

This post isn't about Alex being having extraordinary musical talent that I wish I could have, but its more about how watching him worship made me think about all the years Alex swore he was going to sing, and we all laughed. His determination is nothing less than honorable. We all know he was awful to start out, it was comical. But seeing him through the years work hard, and talk about how one day he'll sing, and then seeing him sing on stage was pretty awesome.

With some persistence, faith, and some hard work its incredible to see what can happen. Great job buddy!

blogging A.D.D

If you cant tell by now I nearly never seem to be content with my blog layout, but each day im slowly working on getting toward my goal, which is completion.
Im almost there.

Also excuse any links that take you nowhere. Im fixing the bugs with my web designer John Noonan Owner/Founder of TrueBlueMedia. This isnt his work, but he helps fix the bugs.

I plan on blogging each day once i get my new layout 100% finished! Look foward to it!


220 days, 18 hours, and a few odd minutes...

YES! The one thing that has been on my mind since August 31st. GRADUATION!!!!! I never ever got excited about leaving high school for a few reasons:

  • It seems easy enough, why want fly through it
  • Everyone said enjoy the time while you have it
  • Not too much responsibility
  • I don't have to plan much its planned for me basically
  • FREE!!

Well, as time progresses I am finding myself getting more and more frustrated with being in high school! I think I can safely say I am tired of it and I am prepared for the next chapter of my life.
Sure all the things I listed about are great but its beginning to get a little old. The immature people, the drama, the tedious lame work (i know it wont end) its all starting to get to me!
Its more than just the people, Im finding myself at a point in life where I am in this little Collegeville bubble. Its been that way since Day 1 with my walk with Christ. Its time for something different! A change of some sort is in need...
This has no relevance with the whole, "I am not being fed" ordeal, this is me dealing with being in this little fishbowl.

I am not an idiot I understand and accept the responsibility that comes with being an adult and being out of High School, I have two great eyes that allow me to see that. But what is life like for a little fish in a little fish bowl? Its freaking boring!!!( Haha for the Stenmans it means not having a tail or fins!) What about a fish in the Ocean? I bet it rocks! well except when your mom gets eaten by a barracuda...Poor Nemo :(

Like the title says, I still have a good amount of time ahead of me, but in 220 days when I'm blogging about graduation i know one of the first things i will be saying is, "Wow this year went fast"


Armed Forces: Pros and Cons

Please feel free to comment so I can add things to any part of this post. It will be updated frequently.

I took the past two weeks at school and studied which branch of the military I am most fit for. I sat down with a Recruiter from the Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Air Force. Here is what is going on in my mindset.

I am not prepared to commit myself to four years of college. I am not ready to type more papers, more homework, more teachers, more classes, and I am certainly not willing to put myself through thousands of dollars of Debt. Its simple, I am just not ready to put myself into school, right away of course.

Since the day I was able to walk I always played with Army men. I had tons of plastic soldiers and tanks and airplanes. My sandpit in my yard is a grave to almost all of them due to a lack of responsibility at age 10. I had fake army equipment and since I could remember I always had a weird interest in Army stuff... What kid really didn't? I guess you could say I never really grew out of it. To this day I strongly admire those in uniform and I can look at a soldier and say, " I would strive to be able to wear that uniform."

If I did Army, I would want to be in infantry. Peoples first reaction, "OMG but you know you'll get shipped to Iraq as soon as your finished training!!"
Umm...Okay? People must think i am an ignorant idiot to not understand that. I seem to be fearless of ever being shipped somewhere. Let me repeat that for you. FEARLESS. NOT IGNORANT. If you tell me I dont understand the risks of War then I think I might have to hurt you. I've always lived my life angry at my lack of commitment, my lack of discipline and my lack of pushing myself physically and mentally. Honestly, what better way to defeat and overcome those issues?

Here are a few things that I've come up with as I have learned more and more about each program;

Pros of Army:
-Learn respect for Authority (I lack this sometimes)
-I truly believe I will get excitement.
-I'll be able to put on the uniform I've always admired
-Learn Leadership
-Learn survival
-Physically and emotionally be strong
-Have my faith tested like never before
-guaranteed contract of desired Job
-Face it, I'm gonna be a badass

Cons of Army:
-Family and loved ones worry
-Potentially loose life
-Potentially loose body parts or usage
-Get yelled at endlessly
-Leave loved ones for 2 years
-Really upset my mom :(
-Less support from loved ones

Pros of Airforce:
-treated more like profession
-off base activities
-higher monthly pay
-$80,000 for school
-own dorm room that is treated like college-life
-Treated better
-High quality of treatment and base life
-On campus schooling along with 100% funded off campus classes
-Travel to base of choice (not 100% guaranteed)

Cons of Airforce:
-4 years away instead of Two
-Not guaranteed specific profession
-Would never see any action
-I don't want to be a cop
-Not as badass
-Less challenging physically and mentally
-upset my mom, but not as much as Army

There are still things I am battling with:
*Would God want a follower of his to be in War?
*Is this even Gods plan for me?
*If not the Military then what?

Either way I have my papers, I have all the information I need, and I've talked to all the right people. Now its giving things time and prayer.

A packet the army sent me, the outside said this. I don't believe its just nonsense propaganda, Its a statement that I believe is absolutely true. It said, "

"We wont lie to you, the Army is the most challenging thing you will ever face in your life. It will be the most physically and emotionally demanding thing you will experience in your life. Imagine what you can do in your life when you've already conquered the most challenging thing ever"

Thanks guys, please comment, I will add things and definitely fit your feedback into this post.

One Love,

And the Award Goes to!

I dedicate this post to Renae Stone, she is my most dedicated reader! Thank Holmes
-Well there is someone in Lancaster who visits often but that is all I know from my Google analytic program. Either way, Renae is awesome!!

I Have a Secret!!

My sociology teacher got up from his desk and said, "Okay, who wants to hear some juicy gossip I heard earlier"

Each kid in that class began to salivate. It was odd. Some girls were begging...I kid you not, they were begging to hear what he had to say. He then pretended to get sidetracked, someone would yell asking to please here the gossip. He was truly interested to see how intrigued the class was.

Following the classes poor response to his question he followed it up with another question. "Who likes to hear a good story about someone else"

Again most kids began to talk about how they really enjoy bashing others with their words behind their backs.

He then said, "What if I shared gossip about you to the whole class?" And of course each kid said that it wouldn't be right.

And he replied with," so then why do you expect me to talk about someone else" And of course the answer was, "because its just not me"

The sociology teacher then began to ask students if anyone was going to stand up and stop him from sharing someone else's secret. Of course the class kept quiet when he offered a nice juicy story. I'm guilty as charged as well of not speaking out. He wanted to know why students are so interested in verbally bashing other people, but as soon as we are the ones getting bashed its a whole new story.

That's all he needed to say for me to see and realize that people talk, and they certainly listen. We discussed a few points in class about why people feel the need to gossip and a few things were discussed like:
-People who gossip feel the need to point out others issues to minimize their own.
-People will gossip because they are socially awkward and can only make conversation based off of bashing others.
-People are insecure.
-Self fulfillment

Why do we do this to each other, and then go insane when we discover someone talking about us? The teacher made us all look like idiots.

Finally when the teacher was done talking a girl from the class said, "Wait I dont get it, are you gonna tell us the gossip or not" I didnt even have a responce to what she had to say, It wouldnt of been Christ-Like.

Run Forest, Run!

What do you do when your upset?

For some its screaming at others, turning their music up all the way, or even hitting things. I can see how they make you feel better. For a minute at least. This week I've discovered something that truly helps me release my emotions and just relax. Its not what most people would expect.


I've hit some unfortunate bumps in the road this week which has caused me to be very upset. And that's all I can say. Last night I sat here at my computer ready to him the hardest object around me. I knew this couldn't happen. I got up and told Adam (brother) that if I don't run I'm gonna loose it. So at 11:00pm we just...ran.

I put my ipod on and turned up my christian play list, bundled up because it was ridiculously 30 degree's and started to run. I've done this before with no motivation or reason. From my driveway to the local McDonald's in 1 mile exactly. I timed it, I ran it in 6 minutes flat. I know what your thinking, its a bit ironic to be running to McDonalds but I don't stop to grab something to bite. So I ran. Ipod on I just didn't stop. Not once did I slow down for ever consider it.
While I was running I was doing a few things;

1: Trying to take in what was happening in my life.
2: Praying
3: Figuring out how God could use me in this situation
4: Just listening to the words of the songs

I never ever ran a 6 minute mile before or even came close. I felt incredible afterwards. 2 miles in 15 minutes. I typically love to run with my brother because If you know my house, being outside of it at night is pretty creepy so I typically only go out there fully armed. Tonight it was different, I finally got over my fear of not knowing whats in the dark. Now let me note real fast that I am not scared of the dark in my house or in any other house. I have such a bad history of going outside my house when I was younger and seeing so many animals and just being terrified. So I'll admit it, I've been freaked out to go out. Not anymore. I was fearless.

So tonight I did it again, except by myself. I felt so good afterwards. I really have nothing to be scared of.

Its incredible to witness God using me at some of the most random buttcrack times ever.
Plus, now would be a good time to start getting into shape.

So if your ever driving through Collegeville after 10pm and you see someone running with a Marines hat on, Its probably me! Oh, and just to clarify thing I prefer running when no one else is out. I'm not sure why but its what I prefer.

As Marley says,
"Lets get together and Feel Alright"

Ps: This week at Riot, the youth band had a great preformance of a new song called Fearless by Building 429. I listened to it on my Ipod while running. The song and series at church were great motivational tools for me so far this week. So listen, its lyrics are wonderful.

Spring City LOL!!!

Warning: If you live in Spring City and you get offended easily stop reading now! Thanks

This weekend I think I drove through Spring City, Pennsylvania at least 20 times this weekend. And each time I always manage to see something new and interesting.

I think it is very weird that Spring City is only 10 minutes away from Collegville, Pa. Collegeville is your busier than average suburban city but its very nice. Have you ever driven through Spring City? You would never know that Collegeville is 10 minutes down Township Line from Spring City.

There are a few things I'd like to point out about Spring City that make it more unique than cities like Collegeville, Trappe, Limerick, or even parts of Royersford.

1: The White Chair Gang - Despite the time of the day, the weather, or whats going on in the world these dedicated people will almost always be in their white patio chairs on the sidewalk sitting on main street. They are incredibly funny because they are almost always there just sitting there smoking sitting in the white patio chairs, hence the name the White Chair Gang.

2: The people - This one isn't funny but interesting to see how the people can drastically change between Collegeville and Spring City. They are clearly different. Its obviously financially different than Collegeville, and its clearly obvious.

3: Where the Wild Snorlax roams - You may think I am rude but I'll get over it. There is a lady who lives on a road off of 724, near a good friends house. This lady is one of the biggest people I ever saw in my life. This lady just isn't obese this is "I eat too much and do nothing except sit on my couch all day and eat potato chips and cheese curls" Its ridiculous, just another part of Spring City that makes it interesting. You may call me rude but I named her the Wild Snorlax, LOL!

4: Dirty Santa - I was with Ben and Katy the other day and we were of course going through....?!?! You guessed it SC (I'm tired of typing the city name). Any who I saw this fat man, he looked liked a lot like Good ol' Saint Nick...Except dirtier. It was absolutely comical. He is now part of the inside jokes with Spring City.

So whats my point? To bash Spring City? No I've just have been thinking how a city 10 minutes away from another city can have such a significant difference. Its weird. I'm not going to lie, there is a bit of humor that also comes from Spring City, its never a dull drive through there.

Nice Guys Finish Last....

You ever feel this way? What do you even think of the statement, "Nice guys finish last" I personally think its ridiculously accurate and it tears me apart. Greenday puts it nicely. Check out the video!

Me Time

Today I seemed to be in a more mellow mood than normal. I got irritated at sitting at my computer and in front of the television. I have homework but that wasn't even an option at the beginning of a 4 day weekend.

I decided to do things out of the norm tonight and it was great! I decided I was going to go out onto my porch, like our fire bowl and just sit outside by myself. I know it sounds really emo, but I really enjoyed it. I turned my ihome on and played my slow christian play list. I sat outside for about two hours just thinking about a lot. School, graduation, Kelsey, my meeting I had yesterday with recruiters, the world. This time was also a really opportunity for some genuine God time. One on One time with God is always a great thing.

I really suggest taking opportunities like I took. I personally really enjoy listening to my christian play list (composed of David Crowder Band, Shane and Shane, Shawn McDonald, Chris Tomlin, Foundation Red, and a few others) and laying next to a fire staring at the stars.

What is it you could do to really enjoy your, "me time" Maybe its not sitting next to a fire, maybe its running, hiking, or sitting somewhere and picking up a book? Who knows. Eather way I definitely think its a great time to think about a lot of the things in your life.

Talk to God, Its just you around so listen up! This isn't something I typically do often, but I am glad I did it tonight!

Warning: Childrens costumes not meant for big people.

Hey new design! Like it?

This week at riot was our first annual: Halloween costume week. It was a really cool idea. I think everyone had a lot of fun with the idea. While watching the Eagles loose miserably( I'm no longer an Eagles fan) I decided I was going to go to the store and find the lamest Halloween costume for Twenty Bucks.

We got GoldieLocks and the 3 bears...and King James?
Caity, Who is no different...

We've got Fat Josh(Left)
See, It was a lot of fun to see people in costume, but I really wanted one too. So at halftime of the miserable game I went to the Halloween Store. For Twenty Dollars I found the lamest batman costume EVER. Okay, here's the kicker: It was a Kids XL, I know what your thinking, "Evan your 215lbs that wont work out!!"
I thought that too but then i realized... Hey I live in America, there are some pretty big freakin kids. So I figured hey it'll be tight but it'll make the whole costume even funnier!

Wrong! So I put it on, and things did not work out as planned. It turns out that my guns, also known as arms were just too big, same with my legs, torso, hands, feet... Oh boyyyy. So I used almost all my effort to get this sucker on. Things really went down hill when I heard every part of this costume begin to rip. This is when I lost it... I got really angry. Angry at a dumb batman costume for not fitting, angry because I didn't have a costume anymore, and angry because i just flushed some money down the toilet.

Ironically, Prior to this event I got out of a church service that was about!?!?! You guessed it! Anger!
Boy i felt dumb afterwards.... Anger is a perfectly normal God-Given emotion... but oh man I took it to a not so Godly level. All because my fat butt didn't fit a costume and I wasted a few bucks. Dumb. Here's a few things the G man has to say about Angeeeeer.

And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry
Ephesians 4:26

But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language.
Colossians 3:8

for anger gives a foothold to the devil.
Ephesians 4:27

Moral of the story: 1) Dont let your angry take you to a bad place...its not good!
2) If your over 200lbs, dont get a childs size anything!

One Love,

Who Said Senior Year Was Easy?

Hello friends, thanks for checking out my blog. I really appreciate it. As you guys know I am a senior and this year is less about academics, to me it seems more about finding my place. Finding out where God wants me post-HS is not easy, so expect frequently to see posts about whats going on in my life with that. On that note...

My counselor came into my homeroom the other morning and spent the whole period discussing things that I need to get done between now and June in order for us to go to college. My thoughts:

Oh my gosh... Talk about overwhelming. Yuck. My feelings for college are still the same. As each day progresses though the Army idea seems even better. I am at the point where I'm ready to sit down and speak with a recruiter. My good buddy SSGT Chris Rohrer, who actually got deployed last week told me I need to watch out for those sneaky recruiters. Any suggestions about how to deal with them? They are basically buff sales men trying to get me to join, and that's all they really want.
Despite all of that, I'm struggling with hearing God. Its always been tough for me to hear what God wants me to do. For the next 3 semesters I'm going to be praying about this decision intensely, and an issue for me is not speaking to God, its listening. Not helpful when I'm going to make a 360 degree life change.

One Love

PS: vote smart, they could be my next boss.

Seriously guys?

As I sat in the very back of math class the other day doing absolutely nothing I couldn't help but notice the girl in front of me crying. I'd like to think i'm a pretty compassionate guy so I asked her what was wrong. As she began to explain to me what was going on, disregarding the teacher completely I began to get angry. She explained to me that she just found out that her boyfriend of 10 months had cheated on her recently and she just found out. She was heartbroken. It really upsets me to think that a Guy would even consider doing that to a girl.

Two seats over from me the same day I saw that a girl was also very upset, sh
e turned around to talk to me and began to explain to me that her boyfriend was sexually herassing her and pushing her to do things she really didnt want to do. It emotionally tore her apart. I couldnt even imagine... I left that class genuinley upset because two guys, two mistakes, two really hurt girls. I couldnt imagine ever treating my girlfriend anything less than a princess( yeah yeah yeah im cool). I cant possibly comprehend how a guy could EVER do that to a girl, TO A GIRL! It really upsets me to think that guys would treat girls this way. This was two girls and two broken hearts. I cant even think about how many more have been hurt in some way by a guy, I probobly dont even want to know.

Were called to treat each and every girl like sisters of Christ. I have compassion for hurting people, and when its something as ridiculous as cheating, or sexually harassing it irritates me. I hear all the time in school how, how(pardon my french) all guys are a**holes, or perverted pigs. Im not denying it. I think that its awfully true, but I dont want to be generalized as just another random guy. I wouldnt ever consider treating a girl like that. I pray that things begin to change. I dont want a bad name because I have a Y chromosome. Somethings gotta change, and fast.

Help Out Your Neighbor

Perkiomen Township Supervisors Unethically Taking Away Elderly Residents Property

Perkiomen Township supervisors are bringing to a vote whether or not they will force two of our beloved neighbors to sell their homes against their will under “eminent domain.”

Lifelong Perkiomen residents Jim and Sue Umstead (14 Wartman, Collegeville) are being forced to sell their family’s farmhouse on 9.8 acres. Another 1.1 acre property near it sold for $130,000! Conservative estimates place their home and property value over $700,000! They are being unethically FORCED to accept a tiny fraction of that! Residents are up in arms and trying to call the community to action.

To make matters worse in this David vs. Goliath story, Mr. Umstead is fighting brain cancer. After the last township meeting he was so distraught he had a seizure and had to postpone his chemo treatment the following day.

When asked what they want to see happen in this situation, Mr. Umstead replied, “The Township has been badgering us for years to sell this property, and now it looks like they finally found their loophole. All I want to do is keep this property natural open space for my children and grandchildren to enjoy, along with our horses. I just wish there was some way this could all go away.”

Next to their property resides a disabled elderly couple, Jake and Janet Rawn (95 Koons), who can’t afford an attorney to fight this and are being forced to sell their house and 6.5 acres for $72,000! Residents are perplexed, trying to figure out how this could be happening!

Brian Jones, pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley (moviechurch.com), the church where the Umsteads are parishioners, thinks this is a winnable fight. “I think what the Umsteads and Rawns have going for them is that basic human decency is on their side. It’s absolutely unconscionable what’s happening to them. In 20 years of being a pastor I’ve never seen anything like it. However, I know the people in this area well enough to know that when word gets out about this Township’s behavior it will stop dead in its tracks.”

In an open meeting on Tuesday, September 9th, Township supervisors said that they are pursuing this action because “the tenor of the community is that the residents want a new park.” Vocal residents pointed out that with the beautiful Plank Rd. Park just down the street that a park isn’t needed in this particular area.

Friends and neighbors of the Umsteads and Rawns are asking concerned citizens to contact the Perkiomen Township Supervisors at 610-489-4034 to let them know they are opposed to this action.

Besides phone calls, concerned citizens can send an email to HelpOutYourNeighbor@comcas
t.net and ask to receive an email notification about when this matter will be taken up for a vote with the Township Supervisors.

For more information please check out www.HelpOutYourNeighbor.com

Click Here for the online petition

**Information taken from facebook.com Here


I saw this commercial a few minutes ago and I lauged at it for a long long time. The part that makes it really funny is that the character in it really reminds me of my friend, Jordan Riggs. Enjoy.

T Minus 8 Months...

its already been two weeks of school and I've already been feeling more pressure than ever on what I am suppose to do after High School. Graduating and getting the heck out of their seems to be the main topic on every one's mind this year and it seems like everyone knows where to go and what to do except your truly....me. I've already been asked by a handful of faculty about what I want to do and where I plan to go post High School. Its really putting a beating on my brain. I have my options but to everything there is the pros and cons.

Now I understand that I have a year to figure out what I want to do, but I have a feeling that time is going to fly...or so I hear.

The question on my mind is: What Am I Passionate About? To answer that I can say that I have no idea. If I knew what I was passionate about, then I would know what I want to do. Its simple!

8 months, and a lot can happen I understand that completely so something can come up that can easily change my feelings towards college or whatever. But until then its time to put things to thought.

Popular advice I've gotten was, "stay kinda local and go to a major secular school. Figure out what you want to do from there." Cool good idea, I'm not paying $15,000+ for a 13Th grade. Here's a really popular one, "Go to Montco!!" No Montco is absolutely last resort. Of course there is always the option to work after high school, but I want/need to extend my education. So working isn't going to be an option for now.

Now the big questions that's really got my attention: Army? There are so many things that get me excited about the Army, and a few things that instill a bit of fear within me. I would absolutely love to get to experience training, and traveling, and being able to use a BA gun or two. Of course the Army can pay for an education which is one of my biggest college issues right now(but not the reason why one should enlist into service.) Also I'd learn so much and I'd be more disciplined more than I EVER could. And if you know me you know I'm the most disciplined guy out there.

Of course there are a few things that worry me. I think being shipped to Iraq for a year would be pretty unfortunate, yet slightly exciting. I usually enjoy sniping groundhogs or other critters that roam around outside my house but they never shoot back. This years election will be a guide as to what I do simply because if McCain gets in office who knows when we'll be out of Iraq, actually who knows who else we'll be in war with at that point. Their is a lot to think about and a lot that's been on my mind.

Of course I am simply not in control of my life, and I am going to sit back, talk to God and see where he wants me. Because ultimately that's what matters the most.

One Love,

Emotional Dropkick

This blog post isn't going to be anything like the others. Just letting you know its going to be me speaking out about the way my week has gone...

I had an incr
edible summer, If you read my recent blog post you'd know that. I am astonished about how things can change so fast. Things started to go down hill when a good portion of my friends left for college. I never deal with it well when people leave. School! Senior Year! I walk in and out of school each day not happy, at all. Why? No clue. So I am unhappy about school right now? What normal teen isn't? School has emotionally messed me up this past week than ever before and I cant figure it out. I woke up this feeling with a feeling I haven't had in a while, and I HATE it. Its unexplainable but it felt as If God wasn't there.

This morning I spent my whole study hall with my Ipod on and my head down praying for 45 minutes. I couldn't figure out what I was feeling.
Its not over... I have a girlfriend who I don't see as much as I'd like and I feel the pressure from that situation. But I KNOW that it'll help us soo much.

And to top it off I feel like I'm I cant talk to anyone about it. Mikey G puts it well in his latest blog, "God Why Must I Stay So Blind" he says," In the past i could always talk to a mentor about this kinda of stuff but God found it necessary to completely remove all of them from my life at the moment." His words are too familiar to me. God threw all of this at me at once and I don't know if its God just working on me a bit or what but its driving me insane. God seems to make these kind of moves when I'm most vulnerable. I love the analogy used in Brians Jones' book Second Guessing God that talks about God working so far up the river that we cant see him. I love it and hate it at the same time. I'm having a tough time accepting it I guess. I hate being able not being able to see God, but that's when he does his best work.

Like I said, this isn't my typical blog. I wont look back at it tomorrow and delete it because this is how I feel and I'm not running on some kind of crazy emotional feeling right now. This week has been nuts and I can only pray for a better one next week.

Until Next Time...

I woke up at 12:30 today, sadly I can say that this is going to be the last day in a while I can do that. I layed their staring at my ceiling reminiscing about my summer. I began to think about how it started with a summer kick off party at my house and officially ended with a small bonfire and some more rooftop memories ;)

From day 1 till now it has been one incredible summer that I surely will not forget. Some money, new friends, and a great relationship, and a whole lot of fun. I couldn't be any happier with the way this summer turned out.

Here are some things that made my summer above the rest: Countless bonfires, smores, rooftops, nights under the stars, chicken wars, trampolines, shopping carts or actually shopping CART, Batman, CIY MOVE, Walmart thieves, car chases, Escape, Stretch, spending hours upon hours at church, 2am Collegeville Diner trips, trips to Maryland, and finally OBX.

A good summer is a summer with absolutely zero regrets

One week of absolute fun was CCV's unofficial Prank Week 08'. Ohhh what a good week. One of my summer favs.

I stole this idea from Brendo but I really like it:
Mikey G - Thanks for always hanging out and being bored with me whatever time of the day it was.
Kels - Thankyouuu soo much for making this summer so much more special. Each night has just been amazing.
Breanna, Nikki, and Alli - Im really glad that I got to know you girls a lot better this summer! you're all a lot of fun! Im glad to know you girls more than just Giggle Monsters now.
Brendo - Thanks for coming over at 12am to hangout on the deck and talk for hours. You've helped me so much this summer its been great!
Amanda - You too have helped me so much Congrats on the engagement!
Darin - I was so stoked to see you at the church more than me this summer. God def had some serious intentions for you this summer, Glad we could chill. Thanks for bringing wall ball to CCV.
Damo and Renae - Some of my favorite summer days have been following you two around! Thanks for helping me a lot this summer.
Dont be at all offended if I forgot you please...

This summer has been so good that its actually hard for me to accept it being over in 10 hours...
Senior year, I guess its time for things to get rollin.

Thanks summer 08'!

Teenage Relationships Pt 3

So the question of the day is simple: How far is too far with your girlfriend/boyfriend? The answers I've heard from people range from holding hands to having sex. Makes sense, I have friends who aren't christian and they simply have no boundaries, I can see that. I have friends who've grown up in a church family all their lives and say that going a little bit past kissing is harmless. I also have friends who refuse to go beyond holding hands. So what is the answer?

How far is just too far? Lets check this out...

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people.
- Ephesians 5:3

What is that saying? "Not even a HINT of sexual immorality" that should be easy enough for you to figure out. Is a tiny bit alright? No, The smallest satisfying amount? No way, NOT A HINT! Make sense?

1.immoral quality, character, or conduct; wickedness; evilness.
2.sexual misconduct.
3.an immoral act.

Its a personal belief of mine that if your going beyond kissing, then you've clearly gone too far. There is no possible way that you can be doing other things beyond kissing and be able to justify it as not having a hint of sexual immorality involved. Here is another great verse.

It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in a passionate lust like the heathens, who do not know God...For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life.
-1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, 7

Hey guys, here is another great way for you to figure out if your simply going to far. If you have a girlfriend, approach her dad and ask him if its alright with how far you've gone with his daughter. If he shoots you, then you know you've gone too far. But it wont matter anymore because your probably dead anyway. Look her dad in the eye and tell him how far you've gone with his daughter. If you cant do it, then you've simply gone to far. If you can tell him how far you've gone comfortably then your probably safe, unless your insane.

For guys there Is a great book I suggest called, Every Young Mans Battle By Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker.
For girls there is, Every Young Womans' Battle: Guarding your Mind, Heart and a Body in a Sex-Saturated World By Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn

Teenage Relationships Pt 2

If you haven't yet noticed I have changed my design. My attempt was to go creative and look exciting. Moving on...

For those who know me know that I am one of the few teenagers in this country who do not have a cell phone. I know right your probably asking, "how does he survive without one?" Its easy, I just memorize every one's phone numbers and then just take yours when I need to make a call :) Its simple.

Recently I approached someone I am really close to and I asked If it was possible for them to add a line to their family plan, and I pay my expense each month to the family. Its a easy solution to my not having a cell phone problem.

By the end of our conversation that night what I learned is that I did not have the problem, In fact what I learned is that Its most of the other teens with cell phones that have the problem. What my good friend explained to me is that I should remain unplugged from the rest of the cell phone world and be content with what I have. At first I sat there confused and annoyed because I wanted a cell phone and texting just like everyone else, but by the end of the conversation I soon learned how content I am without one. Here is why:

What this person explained to me is that although texting is simple and easy, its not harmless. In fact we discussed how quickly texting can destroy a relationship. He said, "Evan, I cant tell you what to do but I can give you advice. Stay unplugged!!" I sat there still confused but he went on.

"You don't know how luck you truly are..."

I sat there still confused because I didn't realize I could be lucky for being without a cell phone. He then began to explain to me his reasoning.

"Evan if you care about your relationship with Kelsey you wont text with a cell phone. Once you get a cell and start texting her you will then begin to loose a special part of your relationship."

If you don't get it yet then let me put this out there. I've seen too many times a relationship get damaged just by the simple act of texting...Sounds ridiculous, it is, but true. This issue I know only happens for teens because its a simple maturity issue that runs along with it. Far too many times I've witnessed teenagers loose any sense of true communication because of abusing texting. How can you have a healthy relationship if your conversations are over a cell phone screen? If your at a point where you cant communicate well because you simply can not uphold a conversation then I think you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Once you loose communication you lost it all.

If you suppose I am crazy then your simply ignorant. Look around.

I've witness texting alone damage good relationships. Don't get me wrong texting is cool and fun. Heck if your a close friend to me then you know I am notorious for taking cell phones and texting my girlfriend. Too much of something always has negative consequences. Too much alcohol you get wasted, too much pot you look like an idiot, too much catholic church and you become a republican, too much texting you have poor communication.
Its simple don't let texting become the core of your conversation. Please.

For my Teenage Relationships series I've decided to only write on what Ive seen happen the most around me, and I feel this has been an issue. Its ridiculous and slightly pathetic.
I'm sick of this awkwardness! Don't be a texting whore for your sake, and mine.

One Love,


P.S. - Thanks Noonan

Teenage Relationships Pt 1

There are probobly a few things you are wondering when you read the blog title. You could potentially be thinking:

"Great here is when Evan ranting on about his girlfriend" - No

"He's doesn't know what hes talking about" - Lies

"What advice could he have he is only a teen" - If your thinking that disregard my age and focus more on my willingness to strive for a great relationship. Thanks!

I spent a good amount of time the other night reflecting about my summer, while trying to figure out what I could possibly blog about next. As I sat there thinking about all that has happened this summer I came to the conclusion that blogging about relationships would be interesting. In particular, dating relationships. Relationships have a pretty big part of my summer since I'm in one, I have seen them evolve, and I have seen them fail miserably. Either way this has definitely been a summer for relationships in the CCV area so It put my mind to work.

This one can relate to all Christan dating relationships but im going to specifically call out the teens on this one.

One thing I've seen destroy a ton of relationships, are kids who aren't prepared to put time into a girlfriend or boyfriend and be able to maintain a good relationship with God. No one ever really said this whole Christianity gig was going to easy. Either way, weather couples realized it or not their relationship with God had a lot to do with why it did or didn't work. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying you have to be on fire for God, cause that is not going to be the case all the time, BUT I do believe you need to be at a spiritual point where you understand that the relationship is in Gods hands. Having a God centered relationship is the most healthy thing you could possibly have. If your relationship is based off all YOUR and YOUR bf/gf's feelings then things will go down hill fast. Things like boundary pushing and purity issues (future blog post) will become an issue. Also when being in a You-centered relationship, many different things can go wrong and become a problem.

This one is a biggie so be prepared...Ready? - When things just don't work out with your girlfriend/boyfriend and your self-centered-emotion-relationship ends....Whats next? Your sitting there thinking what went wrong? I bet you aren't feeling too well. But what happens when things end with your boyfriend/girlfriend and it was a God-Centered relationship? Do you think your ability to accept it and move on is better? I'm not saying the break-up will be easy and pain free, they never are but I know for a fact that it makes a difference.

Here are some ideas to help your relationship work out!
1. Pray about your relationship
2. Communicate your faith
3. Realize it needs to be God honoring
4. Have fun!

I am not the dating master, I am not even remotely close. I would only blog on what I am sure about and I am 100% sure having a God-Honoring God-Centered relationship is much healthier and effective.

One Love,