Home Bound - 25 days

Lets just say I failed. If you've read my previous 3 or 4 posts you'd see that I continuously promise more and more posts about whats going on in my life. If you've been to my blog 2 or 3 times in the past two months then even you would know that...I've failed. Sorry. I wouldnt say its a lack of passion or something like that. I enjoy writting ALOT, but its clear there just isnt much going on in my life. Nothing has really changed in the past 6 months here in Germany...Until now. I've noticed a trend with my writting style. I usually on post on here when something new or interesting is going on in my life, and I am just going to be honest. There isnt much going on!

I sat in Nuremburg Airport this thursday with a plane ticket bound for London to visit my sister and brother-in-law before Afghanistan. Unfortunatly for me a volcano did not want me or half of the world to travel this past week...So there goes that. I sat in the terminal until I looked at the Tv, and saw that Mount Vjijsfhyelpksuduhf decided it needed to erupt. Glad that I could partake in whats turning out to be a historical event. Neat.

We've pretty much wrapped most of our training up at Hoenfels, Germany. A month in the field! I had a good time, because believe it or not I love my job... We've hit up some ranges latley but most training is done with.

My birthday is comming up this saturday! Yippee, can you sense my lack of motivation?! 19, its just another year. Aren't I suppose to feel this way when I am like 40? I guess being stuck in a stupid country can do that to you. 20 should be even more enjoyable. Not sure what I've got going on so far, who knows what my friends can come up with!

Despite whatever is going on in this goofy little country, I can speak for myself and all of my friends around here that EVERYONE is excited to home for a few weeks. That's what I've got my eyes on. I've got a bunch of really great things planned with a whole bunch of incredible people! Its going to be a good time, and it'll be a good way to start off the deployment. 6 months since i've been back in the states, Im excited to be back there for a short time. I should be busy from the minute I step off the plane until the day I step back on (but im not going to talk about that right now. Either way, Its my two weeks of summer and I am going to make the absolute best out of what the Army could offer.

One Love,