Who's your Hero?

I met an incredible person tonight, this guy was so incredible with his faith, a very admirable trait. He managed to recover his train wreck life and turn around into one of the most devoted Christians I've EVER seen. He managed to memorize almost the whole entire New Testament ..Incredible!!! While he was talking to me and the rest of my leadership team, it made me want to strive to be like him, to have the ability to do what he does. Then it got me thinking, who are my hero's? There are few people who I consider my "Hero's." There are a few people who I would love to inherit some of their amazing qualities. So as I was sitting there tonight I was reflecting briefly on who I call my Hero's. During my reflection I realized that without some of these people I would not be half of the guy that I am today. As well as my recent reflection I experienced something similar, a few weeks ago I talked with a person I clearly disappointed, a Hero in my eyes. Doubts of why they try began to float around, I realized that person has had one of the biggest affects on me more than anyone in the world. Who's your Hero? What do they look like to you? I am pretty curious to see who other teenagers Hero's are. Who do you consider a Hero?


So I'm really loving the new idea of putting my thoughts onto a website such as blogspot, I'm really excited about things that I can post, and I am really looking forward to creating new Posts.
I've been really struggling with a few things lately and I have yet come to a conclusion on what to do. Maybe the right people will see this and give me a hand.
Every Sunday 4:00-10:00PM I'm running around Impact and Riot doing anything that is possibly needed to be done. Arrive at 4:30 setting up till 6. From 6:00 - 7:00 I am often in helping with middle school service IMPACT. Immediately after that from 7:00-8:00 I'm then in the High School service RIOT. Around 8 when the service is over then i finally have some breathing time to relax. Most times I'm usually being asked to do something due to reliability, which I don't mind usually, I'm a student leader I accept that things need to be done. Okay fine. 9 o'clock rolls around and its time to clean up. It usually takes a hardcore half an hour to get things cleaned up nicely. Then at 9:45ish we have a small meeting to recap the night, its a good time. I can honestly not remember the last time I've missed ONE week. Besides Sunday afternoon I often babysit for various classes within the Church. As well as a classroom once a month, but that is not a big deal. Now obviously the point of this post is not to tell you about my Sunday Night schedule. I'm finding that I'm digging myself in a hole, each day it gets just a bit deeper. I have discovered that my Passion to serve has been uncomfortably low. For a few weeks it was something I kinda ignored, nothing i felt of too much Importance. Its about maybe the 6Th or 7Th week now that i feel this way and I'm in a high level of discomfort by it. It sucks! Each Sunday I used to run, or sprint, or even sometimes SKIP to Riot because I got that excited. Now when 4:15 strikes (my time I leave my house) I get upset/angry. I feel burned out. I feel like me serving now is like a job that a 45 year old man does everyday for his whole life, it gets incredibly repetitive and just plain boring. And aside from poor attitude, i know my pessimistic attitude is trickling off onto others who are around me as i set-up, which I hate more than ever. (Although i never enjoy when someone says they don't know how plug in a TV and xbox , come on its two wires!!!) Anyway i feel like this isn't serving, I'm not happy and I feel I HAVE to do this, I don't, its my choice but it does not feel that way at all anymore. I hate admitting the fact that right now serving is a annoyance to me, but I'm only human and I'm must be honest with myself. I've been spending much time praying about this situation and hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel comes a bit sooner. I never like admitting that serving for God is an annoyance, that just sounds bad or at least in my eyes. Whats going on!?!!

An Answered Prayer or Two

I've been roaming around the web lately and I've discovered that many people i think are awesome all have accounts on blogspot.com, and I'm not joining to just jump on the cool people bandwagon, its a place where i will post thoughts, feelings, and ideas quite often! I'm really looking forward to it!
I'm going to start off by talking about the end my summer. At the end of the summer, i finally came to the realization that school was quickly approaching. As August 31st was rapidly approaching i knew i had to do something, i was worrying about school, it wasn't the typical worry i was going nuts! For anyone who didn't know, at the end of the school year, i basically could of spelled, DDDDDDDDDF with all of my grades. How I passed is something I still can not comprehend. Anyway, this wasnt a matter of being stupid or dumb,( i wish i knew that at the time.)
Soon after my grades got around to people who truly car about i got a lot of crap, it was bad but hey i deserve that. At the end of the summer i knew that my 11Th grade year was my key year to shine, if i ever wanted to see college. Not only that over the Summer that i cant be living for a God and failing school, not happening. It was time to get my stuff together. By the end of the Summer i was praying harder than ever before. i needed strength, faith, and determination for myself. None of those things i could have handled myself.
Long story short i have some pretty amazing classes and a schedule I'm content with, except maybe 1 class. This blog isn't my chance to boast and feel cool about myself but I'm incredibly proud to say i did finish semester 1with a GPA of 3.450!!!!(Honors) I don't even want a reply saying, "cool Evan great Job!" All i need to know is that I'm proud of myself. and its not even about that, turning and Ugly non-God honoring part of my life around is what its all about, and the feeling of getting strength and help from something beyond me is overwhelming. Its a boost of feeling i needed, its great.

Stick around for more blogs, i think about some insane stuff so come back for more good stuff, Thanks!
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