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I Have a Secret!!

My sociology teacher got up from his desk and said, "Okay, who wants to hear some juicy gossip I heard earlier"

Each kid in that class began to salivate. It was odd. Some girls were begging...I kid you not, they were begging to hear what he had to say. He then pretended to get sidetracked, someone would yell asking to please here the gossip. He was truly interested to see how intrigued the class was.

Following the classes poor response to his question he followed it up with another question. "Who likes to hear a good story about someone else"

Again most kids began to talk about how they really enjoy bashing others with their words behind their backs.

He then said, "What if I shared gossip about you to the whole class?" And of course each kid said that it wouldn't be right.

And he replied with," so then why do you expect me to talk about someone else" And of course the answer was, "because its just not me"

The sociology teacher then began to ask students if anyone was going to stand up and stop him from sharing someone else's secret. Of course the class kept quiet when he offered a nice juicy story. I'm guilty as charged as well of not speaking out. He wanted to know why students are so interested in verbally bashing other people, but as soon as we are the ones getting bashed its a whole new story.

That's all he needed to say for me to see and realize that people talk, and they certainly listen. We discussed a few points in class about why people feel the need to gossip and a few things were discussed like:
-People who gossip feel the need to point out others issues to minimize their own.
-People will gossip because they are socially awkward and can only make conversation based off of bashing others.
-People are insecure.
-Self fulfillment

Why do we do this to each other, and then go insane when we discover someone talking about us? The teacher made us all look like idiots.

Finally when the teacher was done talking a girl from the class said, "Wait I dont get it, are you gonna tell us the gossip or not" I didnt even have a responce to what she had to say, It wouldnt of been Christ-Like.

Run Forest, Run!

What do you do when your upset?

For some its screaming at others, turning their music up all the way, or even hitting things. I can see how they make you feel better. For a minute at least. This week I've discovered something that truly helps me release my emotions and just relax. Its not what most people would expect.


I've hit some unfortunate bumps in the road this week which has caused me to be very upset. And that's all I can say. Last night I sat here at my computer ready to him the hardest object around me. I knew this couldn't happen. I got up and told Adam (brother) that if I don't run I'm gonna loose it. So at 11:00pm we just...ran.

I put my ipod on and turned up my christian play list, bundled up because it was ridiculously 30 degree's and started to run. I've done this before with no motivation or reason. From my driveway to the local McDonald's in 1 mile exactly. I timed it, I ran it in 6 minutes flat. I know what your thinking, its a bit ironic to be running to McDonalds but I don't stop to grab something to bite. So I ran. Ipod on I just didn't stop. Not once did I slow down for ever consider it.
While I was running I was doing a few things;

1: Trying to take in what was happening in my life.
2: Praying
3: Figuring out how God could use me in this situation
4: Just listening to the words of the songs

I never ever ran a 6 minute mile before or even came close. I felt incredible afterwards. 2 miles in 15 minutes. I typically love to run with my brother because If you know my house, being outside of it at night is pretty creepy so I typically only go out there fully armed. Tonight it was different, I finally got over my fear of not knowing whats in the dark. Now let me note real fast that I am not scared of the dark in my house or in any other house. I have such a bad history of going outside my house when I was younger and seeing so many animals and just being terrified. So I'll admit it, I've been freaked out to go out. Not anymore. I was fearless.

So tonight I did it again, except by myself. I felt so good afterwards. I really have nothing to be scared of.

Its incredible to witness God using me at some of the most random buttcrack times ever.
Plus, now would be a good time to start getting into shape.

So if your ever driving through Collegeville after 10pm and you see someone running with a Marines hat on, Its probably me! Oh, and just to clarify thing I prefer running when no one else is out. I'm not sure why but its what I prefer.

As Marley says,
"Lets get together and Feel Alright"

Ps: This week at Riot, the youth band had a great preformance of a new song called Fearless by Building 429. I listened to it on my Ipod while running. The song and series at church were great motivational tools for me so far this week. So listen, its lyrics are wonderful.

Spring City LOL!!!

Warning: If you live in Spring City and you get offended easily stop reading now! Thanks

This weekend I think I drove through Spring City, Pennsylvania at least 20 times this weekend. And each time I always manage to see something new and interesting.

I think it is very weird that Spring City is only 10 minutes away from Collegville, Pa. Collegeville is your busier than average suburban city but its very nice. Have you ever driven through Spring City? You would never know that Collegeville is 10 minutes down Township Line from Spring City.

There are a few things I'd like to point out about Spring City that make it more unique than cities like Collegeville, Trappe, Limerick, or even parts of Royersford.

1: The White Chair Gang - Despite the time of the day, the weather, or whats going on in the world these dedicated people will almost always be in their white patio chairs on the sidewalk sitting on main street. They are incredibly funny because they are almost always there just sitting there smoking sitting in the white patio chairs, hence the name the White Chair Gang.

2: The people - This one isn't funny but interesting to see how the people can drastically change between Collegeville and Spring City. They are clearly different. Its obviously financially different than Collegeville, and its clearly obvious.

3: Where the Wild Snorlax roams - You may think I am rude but I'll get over it. There is a lady who lives on a road off of 724, near a good friends house. This lady is one of the biggest people I ever saw in my life. This lady just isn't obese this is "I eat too much and do nothing except sit on my couch all day and eat potato chips and cheese curls" Its ridiculous, just another part of Spring City that makes it interesting. You may call me rude but I named her the Wild Snorlax, LOL!

4: Dirty Santa - I was with Ben and Katy the other day and we were of course going through....?!?! You guessed it SC (I'm tired of typing the city name). Any who I saw this fat man, he looked liked a lot like Good ol' Saint Nick...Except dirtier. It was absolutely comical. He is now part of the inside jokes with Spring City.

So whats my point? To bash Spring City? No I've just have been thinking how a city 10 minutes away from another city can have such a significant difference. Its weird. I'm not going to lie, there is a bit of humor that also comes from Spring City, its never a dull drive through there.

Nice Guys Finish Last....

You ever feel this way? What do you even think of the statement, "Nice guys finish last" I personally think its ridiculously accurate and it tears me apart. Greenday puts it nicely. Check out the video!

Me Time

Today I seemed to be in a more mellow mood than normal. I got irritated at sitting at my computer and in front of the television. I have homework but that wasn't even an option at the beginning of a 4 day weekend.

I decided to do things out of the norm tonight and it was great! I decided I was going to go out onto my porch, like our fire bowl and just sit outside by myself. I know it sounds really emo, but I really enjoyed it. I turned my ihome on and played my slow christian play list. I sat outside for about two hours just thinking about a lot. School, graduation, Kelsey, my meeting I had yesterday with recruiters, the world. This time was also a really opportunity for some genuine God time. One on One time with God is always a great thing.

I really suggest taking opportunities like I took. I personally really enjoy listening to my christian play list (composed of David Crowder Band, Shane and Shane, Shawn McDonald, Chris Tomlin, Foundation Red, and a few others) and laying next to a fire staring at the stars.

What is it you could do to really enjoy your, "me time" Maybe its not sitting next to a fire, maybe its running, hiking, or sitting somewhere and picking up a book? Who knows. Eather way I definitely think its a great time to think about a lot of the things in your life.

Talk to God, Its just you around so listen up! This isn't something I typically do often, but I am glad I did it tonight!

Warning: Childrens costumes not meant for big people.

Hey new design! Like it?

This week at riot was our first annual: Halloween costume week. It was a really cool idea. I think everyone had a lot of fun with the idea. While watching the Eagles loose miserably( I'm no longer an Eagles fan) I decided I was going to go to the store and find the lamest Halloween costume for Twenty Bucks.

We got GoldieLocks and the 3 bears...and King James?
Caity, Who is no different...

We've got Fat Josh(Left)
See, It was a lot of fun to see people in costume, but I really wanted one too. So at halftime of the miserable game I went to the Halloween Store. For Twenty Dollars I found the lamest batman costume EVER. Okay, here's the kicker: It was a Kids XL, I know what your thinking, "Evan your 215lbs that wont work out!!"
I thought that too but then i realized... Hey I live in America, there are some pretty big freakin kids. So I figured hey it'll be tight but it'll make the whole costume even funnier!

Wrong! So I put it on, and things did not work out as planned. It turns out that my guns, also known as arms were just too big, same with my legs, torso, hands, feet... Oh boyyyy. So I used almost all my effort to get this sucker on. Things really went down hill when I heard every part of this costume begin to rip. This is when I lost it... I got really angry. Angry at a dumb batman costume for not fitting, angry because I didn't have a costume anymore, and angry because i just flushed some money down the toilet.

Ironically, Prior to this event I got out of a church service that was about!?!?! You guessed it! Anger!
Boy i felt dumb afterwards.... Anger is a perfectly normal God-Given emotion... but oh man I took it to a not so Godly level. All because my fat butt didn't fit a costume and I wasted a few bucks. Dumb. Here's a few things the G man has to say about Angeeeeer.

And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry
Ephesians 4:26

But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language.
Colossians 3:8

for anger gives a foothold to the devil.
Ephesians 4:27

Moral of the story: 1) Dont let your angry take you to a bad place...its not good!
2) If your over 200lbs, dont get a childs size anything!

One Love,