Private Evan Flora

Yup, Its official!

I returned from Ft Dix, NJ lastnight! I was at MEPS (Military Examination Process Station)
It was a long day that started at 400AM. The day was a lot of sitting, a lot of signing, a lot of medical testing.

I started off really nervous. I signed my contract then I was taken to the place where I get sworn in....It went kinda like this:

"I Do So Solemnly Swear
That I Will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States
Against All Enemies
That I Will Bear True Faith and Allegiance to the Same
And that I Will Obey the Orders of the President of the United States
And the Orders of the Officers Appointed Over Me
According to the Regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
So Help Me God"

and then it was done...

The next couple months are going to be challenging. Its going to be the start of my physical and emotional challenge. I'm nervous. I'm excited. Stick around to see whats going to happen as time progresses. This blog is also going to be a way for people to keep track of me once I depart Collegeville, PA!

Holding onto my faith harder than ever

Evan Flora

A Love Uncomprehendable for me - Mom

There are two types of love that I have a hard time grasping my mind around. No, this message has nothing to do with God. Although that is the greatest love on earth, It will NOT be the topic of todays blog.

My 18th birthday is Friday, and I feel as if my mom is fearing that date more than ever. Shes always had control over me, shes always had a say in what I do. But Friday, I'll be free. Not that I am joyful about this occasion. I will tell you hands down that I do have the coolest mom on the planet, and sorry if your offended but stay at my house for a week and you'll see what I am talking about. Be jelous

For 26 years my mom has always played the role of, well mom. Not that she is ever going to stop, but for the past 26 years someone has always lived under her roof, under her care.

My sister has been gone for what seems like forever, my brother is leaving this summer for Arizona, and I am leaving for military duties. Who is left? No one. We'll my Dad will be around but there will be a post for him later in time.
This I cant comprehend. My mom loves being a mom so much that some time it gets annoying, but I know she really really really cares. I cant imagine this house being just my mom and dad.
I have never had a love that even compares to the love she has for me, I just cant fathom having an "empty nest."

I was at the Silvers house this weekend, and I just would see Matt and Carrie with their kids. Seeing them made me see what things my mom has gone through with me. Those are two extremely loving parents I might add. Since the joy of them adopting me (just kidding I am not adopted.) Since they day she knew about my existence, the late late nights up crying, the fights, the first day of school (which I will never forget) and going through grades 1-12 she has always been there, she never stopped loving. Saying goodbye might just me the hardest thing I will ever have to do

Love you Mom,

"Congrats your 50% closer to be being in the United States Army"

I was nervous yesterday. I was nervous this afternoon. But I finally feel relieved and I feel as if I hit the point of being comfortable.

Today after school today the Army recruiter took me to the 0ffice to get some stuff done. I was asked a ton of questions; criminal history, health history etc. My height and weight was taken. 18% body fat, not bad. I was given a nice big packet that I filled out. I asked a ton of questions about dates, departure, basic combat training, MEPS, blah blah blah... It was exciting.

When I was on my way home, the recruiter said, "Congrats your 50% closer to being in the Army. It was exciting! I take the ASVAB finally on Tuesday @ Willow Grove.

All thats left is the physical, signing my name, and taking oath. That all has to be competed when I am 18 (two weeks!) Today though was definitely a great day and got me feeling more comfortable with this intense decision!

Civic Duty - When It Finally Becomes Your Problem

I was in the passenger seat of my friend Kaitlyn's car, we were on the way to my house on the way home from school. We got to a back road when we saw a car parked in the middle of the road. Two people were in the road fighting.
This man was in a heated argument with this women, which I assumed was his girlfriend. Anyways, we drove past to get a good look and about 50 feet away we stopped and watched. He was really yelling at her and I watched closely. At one point he pushed her real hard and then began to choke her and he kept pushing her into the car.

An Evan rule: Never push Gods wonderful women around like that!

I was about to make it rain on this guys day!!!!!

So I ran out of the car and got in this bro's face. he yelled and advised me to get in the car

Cant scare me bro!

Anyway, he was still yelling at his girlfriend who was crying hysterically in the car, she tried to talk to me but she couldn't. The man continued to yell at me and I tried to handle the situation the best I could without violence. My friend called 911 while we were yelling in each others face. The guy tried telling me, he didn't want her to get wet in the rain (newsflash...IT WASNT RAINING) So when I procedded to tell him he was full of s*** he then got pretty enraged with anger and got in his car and sped off.
We drove down the road a few minutes later to see that he was being cuffed and thrown into the back of a police car. Yay!

Ladies please: never ever ever tolerate even being slightly pushed by a guy, no girl EVER deserves that. Get out of that relationship immediatly. Please please please.

messed up, I am glad I was there because it makes me so angry to think that a guy would do the middle of the road too.

MTV's Real World - Goodbye!!

I am sad! Tonight is the last episode of the current season of Real World : Brooklyn.
I know what your thinking. Who on earth watches Mtv anymore? And who watches The Real World? Isnt that show filled with drunken parties and promiscuous sex scenes?
Not this season, which is why It was my favorite all time season!
This year really related to me, which is why I felt it was my favorite.

The picture above was my favorite person from Real World hands down. This guy was straight out of Gettysburg (2 hours from my house) and he was also in the US Army, and is currently serving in Iraq again! This guy was hysterical, he always could give a good laugh, and he was dedicated to serving the country

This guy above, Chet, who looks gay but isnt is basically just as cool as Ryan. He is down to earth, he is a super devout Mormon (although I am not Mormon at all, he still had a lot of the same beliefs as I do) This guy really took his faith serious, saving himself for marriage, taking his faith serious, and not getting trashed were just some of the cool things this guy did. Him and Ryan seemed as if they were brothers the way they acted in the show. They were comical together.
Great to watch.

Of course not all the chracters were as awesome. There was an outspoken, obnoxious, loud mouth who felt the need to jump into every argument
Then their was Kaitlynn, the femminist transgenderd girl dude thing. Enough Said
The show did not have one sex scene, and had limited "drunk party" scenes. I feel as if Real World changed its direction of the show. Maybe they got a group of people that preferd not to party, who knows but either way it made the show more enjoyable. Each episode usually had its focus on a specific person more than others. It was interesting because you got to see a more in depth look into their life. The cast this year for the most part had apirations as they entered the big city. Someone was seeking a dancing career, one was looking for a fashion designing job, ryan was looking into getting into the film industry, chet was working hard to get onto Mtv to be a host and interviewer for various bands. It was a great year.