I woke up in the middle of the night with a dream that shook me a little bit. Not physically but emotionally. Its been on my mind all day and its even been bothering me. Its thought provoking because sometimes I wonder if dreams happen intentionally. Do they? Can it be God speaking to us? Dreams are tough. Its pretty personal to share but if you really want to know, contact me somehow and I can share with you! Comments about this would be highly appreciated! How do you interpret dreams?

GOL Revolution

This is my deepest post yet...

My amazing friends Mandy Slater and Mike Giacchetta are starting a revolution.

LOL (formally known as Laugh Out Loud) <---- Is gone, decimated, destroyed, obliverated, done!

It will be replaced with the new legandary...

GOL (Giggle Out Loud) <---- The new LOL! USE IT!!!!!

Our revolution is going to going to travel all over the world! It'll be epic you'll see! Okay time to stop reading this! Go out and use GOL!


In an odd mood but yours truley,
E Fizzle

Two Day Adventure!

It started on thanksgiving. What a great year!! I arrived to my Aunt and Uncles house sometime in the afternoon. I love going over their house. It was fun to be able to spend some great time with my family. We sat around the table and enjoyed some delicious turkey! It was great sitting there and being able to enjoy the company of my family.

After being there for a while, Adam and I decided to go to another family to see some people we actually haven't seen in a long long time. It was great being able to get together with more family and hang out and watch the Eagles dominate. It was around 11:00 when I thought my day was just about to end...


I got a call from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go to the Outlets @ 12. I have no money so I was going to watch my friends shop. Intense. We got there around 11:30 and the area was sooo jammed with traffic. It was insane. Seriously 422 was backed up bumper to bumper for miles. JUST TO SHOP AT 12 AM! we parked and we went it, I was going to go nuts in each store because there were soo many freakin people! we left around 1:30 ish to go back to a friends house. We had some deep theological talk goin on. Philosophical questions were being throw around too, thanks Nick!!! I didnt think my brain worked after 12, but I was wrong. Anyways, we killed time until 3:45 when we traveled to King of Prussia to wait in a line at Best Buy. It was 30 degrees out. I didn't have money to buy anything but i figured I'd be chill and hang out with my friends. Best Buy was also ridiculous. Waited outside for an hour until we finally got in, and even then inside was more insane than the outlets.

I finally managed to get myself home at 6:30am. Took a nap, then headed out to Philly at 11. Went to hang with some best buds in his apartment in Philly. Chilled there and then hung out at his slammin party. It was a lot of fun. We played some fun games, ate a ton of food, and enjoyed each others company.

It was quiet and adventure trying to get home. Our GPS was doing its own thing and lied about where we were. So then we ended up in some ugly parts of Philly. So we tried to blend in. Didn't work out too well! We had some good laughs. This was a great two days. I feel like its still thanksgiving because of my power nap.

So in a nutshell...

...two thanksgiving dinners, parties, spending good time with my family, being with my best friends, being up all night to watch people spend money, get lost, and have a ton of laughs. Good times!!!

Another great thanksgiving has passed and now I am really looking forward to my second favorite time of the year! CHRISTMAS!!! This year has been challenging due to the fact I've been asking myself a question: Where will I be next thanksgiving or Christmas? Its definitely been in my mind a lot. Hope your thanksgiving went as good as mine!

One Love,

Giving Thanks

There are a few reasons why I really love thanksgiving!

1) Fooood! If you know me than you know I loveloveloveloveee food!
2) no school for a week!
3) a great time to see family
4) beginning of Christmas time!!!! YES

What are some things that you are thankful for?

With the worlds economy pretty much in the toilet and many people loosing jobs, money, or even their house I bet there are a lot of people who think, "Life is terrible, what do I have to be thankful for?" Money is lame, here are some things that I am most thankful for:

My Family, I love them! I have an incredible family that I absolutely love! No complains one bit! We've got rednecks, hardcore Degos, old people, hilarious people, loud people, and last but not least and my personal favorite, THE OLD ANGRY REPUBLICANS! LOL my family legit!

My friends, they should just be in the same category as family. I have friends I would do anything for, I love these people with all my heart! They are my family.

My God, not first on the list but first on my heart. Wow, Christ died for me, for you for everyone. That's something I cant forget about while I'm sitting here thinking about what I am most thankful for in life.
I am really looking forward to spending some good quality time with my family for thanksgiving! I am very lucky to have a majority of my family with me and local! I cant wait to see them and hangout!

I had to pick my quote for the yearbook last week and I picked one that reminds me about despite whats going on in the world financially, life's not about money.

"You can loose all your money, you can loose all your gold. You can never loose your heart and no one can take your soul."

Live and Love,

Being Unplugged, in a Plugged in World.

Let me ask you this:

Do you have an ipod or some sort of mp3 player?

Do you Have a cell phone?

I'm going to guess that anyone reading this can almost say yes to both questions. Not all, but I'm sure a large percentage can say yes. As for me, If you know me you know that I definitely don't have a cell phone. A lot of the times it takes 5 to 6 phone calls to be made if someone really needs to get ahold of me. Its actually pretty funny how frustrating it can get.

No ipod, no phone. People tell me all the time that I need a cell phone really bad. Sometimes people ask me how I survive without music. I've figured out a few reasons why its perfectly okay to be "unplugged" in a plugged in world.

First of all, one reason I am okay with not being easily contacted is because there is something about being difficult to contact that makes me feel okay about the whole situation. Sometimes I get the image of someone living in the woods, being very secluded and hard to be contacted. Although I am not in a secluded place, that's is often the imagery that I get from not having a cell phone. Also, although texting is tons of fun, and when i steal others cell phones I abuse it, I really do think people abuse it. Myself included. Most people now would rather text instead of talk, which slowly destroys relationships. I'm okay with having a conversation. I'm okay with being hard to contact, but my time will need to come eventually.

Ipods, there cool. I found that people are using ipods in situations when they could be sociable. nothing pisses me off more than when someone has headphones in when they could be social with people. what is wrong with being able to talk to a human? I really do enjoy a good game of solitaire on the ipod though during my two study halls. LOL

Don't get me wrong, im not one of those people that think that technology is killing the world, but I do think they are abused to a certain extent sometimes. Ipods and phones are sweet, and if I could afford them both I would own them. That's not my point. My point is that I am okay with being unplugged unlike most high schoolers. Whatever if you have them, power to you! I am okay without them.

When Will I Learn?

Sometimes I wonder why I am always tired at school. Sometimes I wonder why I feel so negative towards school. Sometimes I wonder why I am not the nicest person at school. Sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to sleep in most classes. Sometimes I wonder I need to nap after school. Im sitting here currently realizing that I am an idiot!

I cant remember the last time I went to be before 12. I get up at 6 so that's.... Wow 6 hours of sleep per night? That is two hours less than I need to be getting.

Okay so Im sitting here realizing that me being tired is the problem, and going to be earlier is the solution. But what will I be doing at midnight tomorrow? Probably not sleeping! When will I learn? If I know sleep deprivation is my problem then why dont I just go to bed earler? Or better yet why do I make the same mistake day after day?

Why do we do that? We make a mistake. Get upset about making it, and then repeat the steps the next day. We'll do that over and over and over again! Why? When will we learn? When will I learn. Its almost 1 A.M. and im still up! Thats exactly my point...What the crap I am going to bed, I am pretty tired. I was tired at 10, but here I am 3 hours later still awake.

A True Pursuit - Alex Stenman

I've got this really great friend, Alex Stenman. There are some really cool things about Alex.

1. I met him many many many years ago before I even went to CCV(we were on the same hockey team) So he is pretty much the first person from my church family I've ever had interaction with.

2. Since the first day I've known him he's always strived for being great at guitar, and if you've ever heard him then you know its safe to say that hes pretty legit.

3. I've always admired him because of his pure determination for something!

Let me explain. For many years Sweet Thang(nickname) has always wanted to sing worship.
He plays guitar really well, picked up drumming incredibly fast, and is still in the process of learning piano. For the past few years its always been a joke about Alex wanting to sing, he was pretty awful so we always made jokes about it. I was scared for him to ever get on stage. Every year he 100% confidently talks about how one day he'll be on stage signing worship and we all kinda just joke about it.

This Sunday was probably a really cool experience for Alex, and because of that it made my Sunday night riot experience pretty awesome. For our student ministry Sunday night service for high school worship was changed a little bit. It was a pretty awesome acoustic jam. There was Scott singing, Alex on guitar and Shannon signing backup. Worship started and I did my thangg ya know? We'll the really cool part for me is when Alex began to sing! Crazy I know!! I cant even joke about it sounding bad! I looked into the tech booth and listened closely to see if by some chance they muted him or even turned him down, nope...His voice was clearly heard.

This post isn't about Alex being having extraordinary musical talent that I wish I could have, but its more about how watching him worship made me think about all the years Alex swore he was going to sing, and we all laughed. His determination is nothing less than honorable. We all know he was awful to start out, it was comical. But seeing him through the years work hard, and talk about how one day he'll sing, and then seeing him sing on stage was pretty awesome.

With some persistence, faith, and some hard work its incredible to see what can happen. Great job buddy!

blogging A.D.D

If you cant tell by now I nearly never seem to be content with my blog layout, but each day im slowly working on getting toward my goal, which is completion.
Im almost there.

Also excuse any links that take you nowhere. Im fixing the bugs with my web designer John Noonan Owner/Founder of TrueBlueMedia. This isnt his work, but he helps fix the bugs.

I plan on blogging each day once i get my new layout 100% finished! Look foward to it!


220 days, 18 hours, and a few odd minutes...

YES! The one thing that has been on my mind since August 31st. GRADUATION!!!!! I never ever got excited about leaving high school for a few reasons:

  • It seems easy enough, why want fly through it
  • Everyone said enjoy the time while you have it
  • Not too much responsibility
  • I don't have to plan much its planned for me basically
  • FREE!!

Well, as time progresses I am finding myself getting more and more frustrated with being in high school! I think I can safely say I am tired of it and I am prepared for the next chapter of my life.
Sure all the things I listed about are great but its beginning to get a little old. The immature people, the drama, the tedious lame work (i know it wont end) its all starting to get to me!
Its more than just the people, Im finding myself at a point in life where I am in this little Collegeville bubble. Its been that way since Day 1 with my walk with Christ. Its time for something different! A change of some sort is in need...
This has no relevance with the whole, "I am not being fed" ordeal, this is me dealing with being in this little fishbowl.

I am not an idiot I understand and accept the responsibility that comes with being an adult and being out of High School, I have two great eyes that allow me to see that. But what is life like for a little fish in a little fish bowl? Its freaking boring!!!( Haha for the Stenmans it means not having a tail or fins!) What about a fish in the Ocean? I bet it rocks! well except when your mom gets eaten by a barracuda...Poor Nemo :(

Like the title says, I still have a good amount of time ahead of me, but in 220 days when I'm blogging about graduation i know one of the first things i will be saying is, "Wow this year went fast"


Armed Forces: Pros and Cons

Please feel free to comment so I can add things to any part of this post. It will be updated frequently.

I took the past two weeks at school and studied which branch of the military I am most fit for. I sat down with a Recruiter from the Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Air Force. Here is what is going on in my mindset.

I am not prepared to commit myself to four years of college. I am not ready to type more papers, more homework, more teachers, more classes, and I am certainly not willing to put myself through thousands of dollars of Debt. Its simple, I am just not ready to put myself into school, right away of course.

Since the day I was able to walk I always played with Army men. I had tons of plastic soldiers and tanks and airplanes. My sandpit in my yard is a grave to almost all of them due to a lack of responsibility at age 10. I had fake army equipment and since I could remember I always had a weird interest in Army stuff... What kid really didn't? I guess you could say I never really grew out of it. To this day I strongly admire those in uniform and I can look at a soldier and say, " I would strive to be able to wear that uniform."

If I did Army, I would want to be in infantry. Peoples first reaction, "OMG but you know you'll get shipped to Iraq as soon as your finished training!!"
Umm...Okay? People must think i am an ignorant idiot to not understand that. I seem to be fearless of ever being shipped somewhere. Let me repeat that for you. FEARLESS. NOT IGNORANT. If you tell me I dont understand the risks of War then I think I might have to hurt you. I've always lived my life angry at my lack of commitment, my lack of discipline and my lack of pushing myself physically and mentally. Honestly, what better way to defeat and overcome those issues?

Here are a few things that I've come up with as I have learned more and more about each program;

Pros of Army:
-Learn respect for Authority (I lack this sometimes)
-I truly believe I will get excitement.
-I'll be able to put on the uniform I've always admired
-Learn Leadership
-Learn survival
-Physically and emotionally be strong
-Have my faith tested like never before
-guaranteed contract of desired Job
-Face it, I'm gonna be a badass

Cons of Army:
-Family and loved ones worry
-Potentially loose life
-Potentially loose body parts or usage
-Get yelled at endlessly
-Leave loved ones for 2 years
-Really upset my mom :(
-Less support from loved ones

Pros of Airforce:
-treated more like profession
-off base activities
-higher monthly pay
-$80,000 for school
-own dorm room that is treated like college-life
-Treated better
-High quality of treatment and base life
-On campus schooling along with 100% funded off campus classes
-Travel to base of choice (not 100% guaranteed)

Cons of Airforce:
-4 years away instead of Two
-Not guaranteed specific profession
-Would never see any action
-I don't want to be a cop
-Not as badass
-Less challenging physically and mentally
-upset my mom, but not as much as Army

There are still things I am battling with:
*Would God want a follower of his to be in War?
*Is this even Gods plan for me?
*If not the Military then what?

Either way I have my papers, I have all the information I need, and I've talked to all the right people. Now its giving things time and prayer.

A packet the army sent me, the outside said this. I don't believe its just nonsense propaganda, Its a statement that I believe is absolutely true. It said, "

"We wont lie to you, the Army is the most challenging thing you will ever face in your life. It will be the most physically and emotionally demanding thing you will experience in your life. Imagine what you can do in your life when you've already conquered the most challenging thing ever"

Thanks guys, please comment, I will add things and definitely fit your feedback into this post.

One Love,